Q: How do I become a makeup artist?

Q: I want to go to makeup school but I'm not sure where to start or how to choose one?

Q: I want to build a professional makeup artist kit and I'm not sure where to start?

Q: How do I sanitize my kit?

Q: I have my first photoshoot I don't know what to wear?

Q: How can I get Makeup Artist discounts?

Q: I'm a makeup student how can I get a discount at MAC?

Q: How do I network with other professional makeup artist?

Q: How do I shape eyebrows?

Q: Where do you buy your kit supplies?

Q: How can I market myself as a makeup artist?

Q: How do you stay up to date on industry happenings?

Q: How did you learn to be a makeup artist?

Q: Can I take pictures while I'm on set?

Q: Do you know where I can get a blank face chart?

Q: Where can I repair my airbrush in Los Angeles?

Q: Do you know of any makeup artist agencies in NY, LA, CHI, MIA?

Q: Where can I buy body painting supplies?

Q: What's Model Mayhem?

Q: What do I need for my men's grooming kit?

Q: Do you know of any free makeup classes?

Q: How can I find out about makeup artist trade shows?

Q: Do you know where I can get free samples?

Q: How can I make more money with my existing clients?

Q: I was asked if I had liability insurance for a makeup job, how can I get insured?

Q: Who should I follow on Instagram?

Q: What makeup artist inspire you?

Q: Do you know any cosmetic associations?

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