Friday, July 26, 2013

Just DO IT!

It can be easy to feel intimidated or nervous when you first start off as a makeup artist. It's easy to compare yourself to other makeup artist and it's easy to get discouraged particularly when you are first building your port. It's important to constantly stay motivated, focus on people that support you, and find ways to encourage your dreams.

There are thousands of makeup artist and it feels as though they multiply faster every day. It's easy to feel like you can't stand out particularly in a city like mine, Los Angeles. There are more makeup artist per square foot than any other industry! (At least it feels that way) What I find that separates successful makeup artist from those who do not continue their dreams is one thing: PERSEVERANCE. It takes perseverance to continue testing, learning, and networking consistently for many years. This is not an industry you can be half ass about and somehow manage to be successful. 

With that being said breaking into Makeup Artistry isn't always easy but I can assure you it's absolutely worth it. I had days where I cried, felt frustrated, and in all honesty even stopped doing makeup completely. I've had photographers who never gave me pictures, brides that cancelled, or trade shoots that went over by hours. Every problem was a lesson learned and trust me they all have preventative measures I've now learned the hard way. If I had to do it all over again I absolutely would, I promise you it gets better. 

Whatever you do don't give up, other makeup artist before you had similar experiences. The famous Kevyn Aucoin left a legacy in the makeup world that still influences us all today even after 10+ years of his passing. He was adopted and his early life was a constant battle with bullying and not being able to fit in. He spent many nights on friends couches and struggled in New York to make a name for himself. Eventually it all fell into place and he worked with iconic faces like Madonna, Cher, Tina Turner, Mary J. Blige, Janet Jackson and SO many more. To read his full story buy his book Kevyn Aucoin a beautiful life: The Success, Struggles, and Beauty Secrets of a Legendary Makeup Artist on days when I feel like giving up I ALWAYS turn to this book for inspiration it reminds me that even with all the adversity Kevyn faced he was able to succeed and leave his mark for future generations of makeup artist, including myself. 

No matter how rough things get don't give up! Find ways to keep your goals alive for you, try visualizing it, make a list of reasons you want to become a successful makeup artist, break down your big goals into little goals that connect the dots, have a strategy but give yourself room for the detours, kick your ego to the curb and don't be too prideful or scared to ask for help, after every job or project you work on check in with yourself.. Are you on the right track? Will this get you closer to your goal? Are you happy? What can you do differently next time? Make it happen and JUST DO IT I guarantee you are capable of much more than you allow yourself to believe <3