Do You Review Products?

I will review products in exchange for my honest opinion, once approved by both parties I will post review. If you believe you have a product that is of value for our community, feel free to email me directly. I would love to hear about your business, product, brand, and future growth. Products I would love to review: cosmetics, makeup brushes, beauty tools, beauty books, hair products, makeup artist tools, anything that would support makeup artist of all backgrounds and experience.
I am happy to help to offer readers of The Secrets of a Self Taught Makeup Artist promo codes or host a giveaway.

Sponsored Content

The Secrets of a Self Taught Makeup Artist is a for-profit site through google ads and affiliate links. This allows me to keep content relevant, honest, and valuable for my community. I do not accept payment for false or invaluable content. If there is a topic that I am working on sharing and your product, business, or workshop would be a part of my content I would be more than happy to send a quote for sponsored content starting at $100. All fees must be paid in full prior to the post going live. All sponsored content will disclose at the beginning of the post that it is sponsored.

Hosting Giveaways
If you would like to collaborate on a giveaway through a product review or sponsored post I would love to host it. I ask that the business take responsibility for prize fulfillment. All entries will be verified and contest could last 7-10 days maximum. All entries must follow contest rules.

Social Media Promotion

If you would like your product, business, or workshop to be shared via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Pinterest I have packages available. Products will only be mentioned if they are genuinely a product I would use. I will not accept payment for products that lack quality, value, and relevance to the makeup artist community. 


If you would like your product, business, or workshop to be advertised directly on my website please share with me about your business, product, brand, and future growth so I can share with my readers what to look forward to. If your product brings value to our community, we can create custom advertising packages. Payments are accepted via Paypal.

Please email brandiecarlos@gmail.com with any questions