My Life as a Makeup Artist

For the last 10+ years of my life there have been many changes but one thing that has always remained is make up. My first interaction with makeup was during jr. high when I had the most horrible skin in the world, at least that's what I remember it felt like. During this time I came across a copy of Kevyn Aucoin's step by step makeup book called "Making Faces" it's a day that I can never forget. I flipped through pages of flawless skin, celebrities, soccer moms being made over, and drag queen makeup that was so good I couldn't tell it was a man until I read the models name. I studied this book constantly and still turn to it for advice, I truly believe that if I had not seen this book I wouldn't be a makeup artist today. 

Throughout high school I would play with makeup on myself, my friends and even my little sister. Slowly I started becoming good at this makeup stuff and I was starting to get hired for proms, quinceneras, and special events. I finally got the courage to build a professional portfolio and explored the world of Craigslist and Model Mayhem. 

My first photoshoot ever

Quickly I began creating my portfolio, some of which you can see today. In February 2010 I enrolled into Los Angeles Trade Tech for Skin Therapy, and this was the decision that changed my life. This class is taught by Mrs. Ley Jackson and she was the woman who made me realize it was all possible for me and to fully take on my makeup dreams. I began taking workshops with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, MAC, Smashbox, JB Lashes, Napoleon Perdis, CA Botana and many more, this was when things really started taking off for me and I've never looked back since.

With the support of my family and friends I have been able to constantly stay busy doing what I love, work on celebrities such as Tyrese, Brandon T. Jackson, Monique Calhoun and Jaclyn Poole from Americas Next Top Model and many more. I look forward to where my career takes me as I know it can only go up from here.

"Makeup is what allows people to see the beauty that is already within them"
-Brandie Carlos

Why did I start this blog?

That's the question I get asked the most, so let me tell you why. I have been a self taught makeup artist for about 7+yrs. I started before there was Facebook, blogs, YouTube, Pinterest, or many of the makeup schools that are open today. The only tools I had available were books, Model Mayhem, Craigslist, and Carmindy's section in "What Not to Wear". 

One of my first decent makeup attempts I was 17 it's definitely been a journey
I've been blessed to work with some amazing industry people that have taught me more than any book but for the most part no one wanted to share their "secrets" or if they did it was via an expensive seminar. There used to be alot of stigma towards self taught makeup artist but with the emergence of digital beauty gurus it's been my experience that it's changed alot of perspective. So seven years later I find myself knowing a thing or two about the industry. I don't pretend to know it all, everyday I learn more about the beauty industry and continue to work hard to be a better makeup artist everyday. 

I often get asked by makeup artist who are starting out about different aspects of the industry and this is my dedication to them. It takes courage to pursue what you love in life and it's not always easy. My goal for this blog is to help out Makeup Artist who are starting out, if I can answer even one question for a makeup artist who is scared to start off or confused by information, then my purpose is achieved. If there's ever any question you don't see answered feel free to email me at: brandiecarlos@gmail.com