Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Airbrush Makeup Emergency Repair and Supplies

There are times throughout your career where your airbrush will need some TLC and for some reason it tends to happen when you are A. The busiest or B. Have a huge career opportunity. There is no worse feeling than having a busy week scheduled and a damaged airbrush gun. I consider myself a Google master and even with all my Googling skills I had a hard time finding a place to service my airbrush system.

Luckily for me, that all changed when I needed to replace an airbrush needle for my Iwata Ninja. I went to Nigel's first and they didn't have the correct needle, then I went over to Frend's and the same outcome. They both carried Iwata needles but that day they did not have the needle that I needed. Fortunately I had a great employee at Frend's help me out and she suggested I check out Carter Sexton's Art Materials only 20ft. away. I had been to Frend's plenty of times before but I had never walked to the next block to check out Carter's, quite honestly I don't think I had ever noticed it before.

They have an entire section for airbrush supplies and specialize in brands like Iwata, Paasche, and they carry airbrush makeup supplies for the guns/compressors (they don't sell foundation etc.) Additionally they offer airbrush painting classes from time to time which can support you in understanding airbrush better, after all the face is your canvas. The best part is that they have an airbrush specialist that can repair your airbrush gun in a few minutes. I had mine repaired a few months ago and I was only charged for the parts, which was only like $20 for the needle and a new nozzle I think. So if you are ever having an airbrush emergency make sure to visit Carter Sexton Art Materials in North Hollywood.


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