Friday, November 22, 2013

Free Beauty Samples

Beauty samples are great for Makeup Artist because it allows us to test out new products, new companies, and new colors. I love collecting product samples to test out or give to clients as a small token of appreciation. I use samples:

-To give to my private clients like women going to reunions, special occasions, and even wedding guest.
-I also use them as part of my touch up kits that I give to my bridal clients and their party.
-They are great for using them in a goody bag with my clients that take makeup lessons which I offer both private and in groups.
-Of course I use them on myself to test out products that I haven't tried yet

Be forewarned that because these samples are free there is a "catch"... sometimes products can take between 6-8 weeks to arrive. Also usually it requires you to sign up at a website which sometimes is used to keep you updated with that particular brands latest products aka beauty spammed. I keep a separate account for samples so that my inbox does not get bombarded with company updates. Also please do not give out your social security number or phone number, usually if these require a phone number I give a false one or my Google Voice number, I also try to give out a fake birthday to be cautious. 

P & G Brands

P & G allows you to sign up and receive completely free samples at home. Registration is quick and easy. Home to beauty products like Olay, Gillette, Head & Shoulders 


Target offers completely free samples that constantly rotate so click here to find out what Target is offering at the moment. They do occasionally run out of products and won't have anything available to sample.


Start is often used by Costco online to give products away to their customers. I've ordered products from here and received them already.


Walmart offers free samples that also rotate on availability they offer a variety of home care products and beauty products from time to time. I don't guarantee that beauty products will always be available.

Free Stuff

Free Stuff Finder is awesome, they constantly update their site with freebies as well as sales. For example they have products listed by store that will be on sale for Black Friday. It really helps save alot of research time for big sales from beauty to home. 


Allure Magazine gives away the best beauty products year round to those that request the product first. The best part is that these are not sample size, they are FULL size beauty products from mascara to perfume to skin care products.


Vocalpoint is an online community of women that receive samples of the latest beauty products. They ask that in return you give your opinion after using the product but it's not required to receive products. Freebie Page has a Freebie specialist that post daily free samples from home products to beauty products.

Lastly make sure to follow your favorite brands on Facebook and other social media outlets often times it is the first place they will announce giveaways.

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