Sunday, April 5, 2015

Makeup Artist Dress Code & Hygiene

This is one of the most commonly asked questions I get from beginning makeup artist. What do I wear? The answer varies depending on the job type, are you doing makeup for a bride? On set? Giving a makeup class? Overall there are a few things that never change:

ALWAYS wear deodorant: This is a non negotiable wear deodorant, it may seem obvious but trust me I've been on set with people who didn't get the memo. I try to shower right before I leave if my schedule permits even if it's just a body shower. I put deodorant on before I leave my house and I always take a travel size with me just in case. I'm not a person who sweats much but sometimes jobs can last 14hrs. I also carry baby wipes, toothbrush & paste, dryer sheets, extra clothes, pantiliners and a light scented perfume. Dryer sheets can be used to wipe your armpits, it absorbs the smell and helps keep you fresh. They also can be run over hair to help to fight static.

Do not wear low cut shirts: Sometimes your client will have a different eye view than you will and the last thing a client would want is your girls in their face. It can leave the door open for you to be disrespected or viewed in a particular light. This can be debated for years on whether it's wrong or right that women have double standards but regardless it is not professional. I'm a big fan of Wendy Williams and she has mentioned many times that day time host don't show cleavage because it is more appealing to a female audience than a woman with low cut shirts and it's just not professional.

Dress in Layers: I always carry a jacket with me and sometimes a scarf. You never know what your work environment will be like sometimes its freezing and sometimes it's warm. Dress in layers to avoid working uncomfortably. There's nothing worse than waiting hours for a photo shoot to be over with because your freezing.

Do Not Wear Tank Tops: or Shirts that leave your armpits in clear view. No one wants to see your armpits, deodorant flakes, or cleavage.

Do Not Wear Long Dangling Jewelry: I usually don't wear much other than stud earrings or maybe 1 snug fitting bracelet but for the most part I try to go bare. Long necklaces can get caught on your products, client, or working environment. Rings that have sharp edges can cut or scratch a client and bracelets can do the same thing. 

Do Not Wear Leggings: It is rare that I have seen leggings that are not see through, especially when you bend over to get something out of your kit. Clients seeing what kind of underwear you are wearing is not professional. 

Always Have Pedicured Toes: I don't mean you have to get them done at a nail salon every week but at least upkeep them in between. If you don't go to a nail salon you can definitely groom them at home. This is especially true if you wear open toed shoes. Another reason this is important is that some homes or locations will ask you to be barefoot. If you are working in a studio you may have to touch up the model and walk on the photographers expensive backdrop which will require you to go barefoot without leaving stains. 

This is Amber Lynne MUA at work

Now let me elaborate on dress code. Obviously we are part of the fashion industry so we need to dress somewhat current to what is considered "in". Next I would recommend wearing all black. It's definitely considered to be the industry standard. It helps to keep us looking professional both to industry professionals and clients. It also helps to identify who we are, to onlookers or people who arrive after we have been introduced. What do I mean by that? Imagine you are doing makeup for a bride, and people are in and out of the room. There can be vendors, family or hotel staff coming in and out. All of these people can be connections for you and your business. You'll be easy to identify and give a professional appearance. 

I alternate from sun dresses to pants to skirts depending on the job. I try to always have an emergency pair of pants with me just in case I have to move more than I imagined. If I'm having to bend over or be more active than I expected.

You don't have to spend a ton of money on clothes and the great thing is that you can wear this clothes for other events in your life. I like to buy clothes from Hautelook because they carry such high end clothing companies for great prices. They are also a Nordstrom company so I can return or exchange anything at my local Nordstrom's or Nordstrom Rack.  

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