Monday, August 5, 2013

Setiquette:Taking Behind the Scenes Photos

We all love using Instagram and Facebook to share with the world what project we are working on and who doesn't love sharing live behind the scenes photos? I know we're all addicted but as a Makeup Artist #BTS could be your last hashtag as part of that creative team. 

So let me get into the BTS etiquette, there are times it may be acceptable and other times it will not be. 

  • It is never ever ever ok to post BTS photos when a campaign or editorial is being launched especially if it is a large client. Many companies can lose large amounts of money and may blacklist you from any future projects. The whole point of a campaign or editorial is to have fresh eyes see it all at once.
  • The first time you shoot with a photographer you definitely want to ask what their policy is and respect it. Don't argue, don't try to convince, simply respect it. I know many photographers that enforce strict no cell phone policy.
  • When models are agency represented everything gets approved by their agency, some have strict no camera phone images. Their image is their career and they cannot afford to risk their contract. 
  • On that same note don't take "before" or unflattering images of models if it is seen by their potential clients you can cost them future jobs. The only exception is if the model gives permission.
  • Stylist may also sign contracts with designers that clothes will only be  photographed by the photographer.
  • When working with celebrities you have to understand that they are constantly being hounded by paparazzi and for the most part they appreciate your discrepancy more than even your talent. The makeup artist that work consistently with celebrities are those that treat them like their fellow human being. I've heard of phones being confiscated for big name shoots like Lady Gaga or Beyonce. 

The golden rule is simply to ask and establish what the policy is by everyone involved on set. Of course you also have the opposite where photographers or models are begging you to take BTS photo or video. It varies situation to situation but always be tactful, even if you have permission to take photos never use flash, distract the talent, or get in the way of the photographer. 

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