Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Make More Money with Your Clients

As a makeup artist we to think that our only source of income is through providing services for our clients. WRONG! So wrong, I wish so badly that someone gave me this insight sooner. How many times do your clients ask you "What foundation do you recommend?" or "What mascara do I buy?" and we are happy to share our favorite brands. Sometimes even going out of our way to let them use our discount. Besides building rapport with clients, family, and friends we don't get any benefit. It feels good but after awhile I started thinking.. If I got a dollar every time I sent someone to the MAC counter I would be a millionaire by now!

So just as my frustration kept building a really good friend of mine shared with me that she was starting her own business with Jeunesse. This shocked me since she is a finance expert and in 7 years of our friendship I've never seen her wear makeup or ask about skin care. She started breaking everything down for me and it just  made so much sense to me. I could make money by retailing skin care products to my clients, a percentage of anyone I recruited, and additional bonuses that seemed too good to be true. So being the skeptic that I had been, I looked into the company, tried the product and saw checks from ppl already making money in Jeunesse. I thought, well whats the worst that can happen? I could start with just under $300 which would give me access to further training, products, and my own website. The amount of products I was going to receive was worth more than the investment alone.

So I received my first package and I got to try the Luminesce product line. Within 3 days I was able to see a visible difference on my skin. My pores were smaller, the redness I tend to cover with makeup was reduced, my under eye area looked more supple, and the overall texture of my skin looked much better. This was a product I knew within 3 days that I would be using, so I figured I might as well make some money along the way. (3 week update, my skin has never looked so nice with out makeup on) I also saw a benefit in purchasing the products at wholesale cost which would be like our makeup artist discount. 

The first way I started making money with Jeunesse was by using their Instantly Ageless microcream. It is a cream that can be used on wrinkles, or undereye bags and instantly in two minutes or less you can see them disappear. I like to call it botox cream or spanx for your face. The effect last 8-9 hours which is perfect for a full day at work, special events, or weddings. Here is a video so you can see for yourself, there's no photoshop, no gimmicks. I've never seen anything like it in the beauty industry.


This product literally sells itself, I was worried that I would become a creepy, shady sales person and I've had the complete opposite experience. Everyone I've used this product on has said "Why didn't you tell me about this sooner!?" and has placed an order on the spot. I had one husband pull money out of this wallet right away and asked me to order a box for his wife lol 

If your interested in making more money with your client services feel free to email me to ask any questions. I would be more than happy to share about my experience increasing my income with Jeunesse. How do you make extra money as a makeup artist?

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