Thursday, August 1, 2013

Where do I buy my Eyelashes?

Eyelashes are one of the items in a Makeup Artist kit that is an absolute necessity, it's one of the items that separates a makeup artist from a hobbyist, I feel like you can't call yourself an MUA without these in your kit. It's important to have a variety of lashes for different projects from beauty to avant garde fashion. I like to have a mixture of strip lashes, individual lashes, and crazy colored lashes. 

For the most part due to time and convenience I usually buy my lashes in Downtown Los Angeles by the dozens. I usually go to a wholesale beauty supply called Anna's Beauty Supply it is absolutely not glamorous and you definitely don't get the customer service you would at another beauty supply. They do not have private parking so I usually pay the $3 across the street at a private lot since parking on the street can take some time to find. I shop here because it is only 15mins or so from my house and they sell Red Cherry Lashes for $15/dozen which comes out to $1.25/each when you buy them in a dozen. 

The Wholesale beauty district in LA isn't the most glamourous
I always make sure to have Red Cherry Lashes in 747 S, M, and L. They are my favorite lashes. I feel  the 747S are great for a more natural look and creates beautiful volume. The 747M is the perfect marriage of volume and length while not looking too drag queenish.

I also always make sure to have individual cluster lashes. I love using these on my older clients like Moms of the bride, they open up their eyes while still maintaining their natural beauty. 

I also like to have better quality lashes like Ardell, Make Up For Ever, and Sugarpill for special events like weddings. I feel quality is extremely important for special days like weddings, red carpets, and awards. Beyonce is known to wear Mink lashes from Velour Lashes which can run up to $100 a pair, so splurging $10 on lashes might be more attainable.

When it comes to wild lashes I also buy them in DTLA on occasion but for the most part I wait for Halloween. Once Halloween is over everything goes on sale so I like to check out my local Wal-Mart, Target, Big Lots, Party City, and Halloween specialty shops. For the most part I stock up during this time of the year and don't need to buy any other ones throughout the year. I've gotten lashes as low as one dollar during this time of the year.

On occasion if I am strapped for time I will buy Ardell lashes from CVS, or Target.

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