Friday, October 25, 2013

Model Mayhem

Model Mayhem is one of the original online networking sites for makeup artist, photographers, models, stylist and everyone in between. It's like Facebook for our industry you can keep an online portfolio, post jobs, apply for jobs, network etc. It is a great stepping stone and resource for makeup artist who are starting out.

So let's start off by getting a little bit more into what Model Mayhem is and isn't. It is a website that can be used to network, get work, and an amazing resource for knowledge. When I first started doing makeup this was the door that opened up the opportunity for me to get pictures of people other than my little sister. 

In order to sign up for this website visit once your there click on the sign up hyperlink underneath the login box. Here you'll be asked for basic information like name, email, create a password, birthday etc. Next you will be asked to choose a membership level, start off with a Free account until you get the hang of it. They offer Basic, Premium, and VIP. 

Once you submit all your information Model Mayhem will have to approve your profile based on the information you submitted. I've never heard of anyone being unapproved, when I started I used pictures of makeup I did on my friends and sister. They were shot with a disposable camera and my "models" were not your typical "model type". So don't be intimidated by the "approval" portion of Model Mayhem. 

This was one of my original Model Mayhem submission photos, not very profesh right?

Once you are approved make sure to fill out all you profile information, spell check everything twice, and have someone else read it to get some feedback.  

Features of Model Mayhem
  • Free Online Portfolio featuring 15 images
  • Ability to private message other members ( Basic 5, Premium 30, VIP 100)
  • Access to Model Mayhem forums which are categorized into skills like modeling, makeup, etc. I've learned so much from questions asked in the forum. 
  • Access to Model Mayhem EDU articles which are written by industry leaders
  • Ability to apply for jobs both paid and trade
  • Enter Photo Contest
  • Sign up to be an assistant to a seasoned makeup artist
  • View other Makeup Artist profiles for inspiration
It's a great resource for aspiring and beginning makeup artist the majority of the casting calls are for trade work but sometimes there is also paid work. This profile represents you as a Makeup Artist so make sure everything is written properly, no slang, no politics or religion, nothing unrelated to your craft. Take a peek at some of the other Makeup Artist profiles out there to get an idea on how to portray yourself. 

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