Friday, November 1, 2013

Makeup Artist Trade Shows for 2014

Trade shows are an absolute MUST as a makeup artist it is a haven of education, networking, and reduced pricing on products. I know that if you have never attended one sometimes it's hard to imagine what the atmosphere is like, who goes?, and what you should wear. Here is a video from IMATS in NYC to better give you an idea of location, vendors, attendees, classes and more.

                                 IMATS NYC:

A video tour of The Makeup Show LA 2013:

Personally I like to save anywhere from $500-$1000 throughout the year to spend at either IMATS or The Makeup Show here in LA. I spend this amount at the trade shows because I end up saving so much money that I don't buy too many other items throughout the year. If your budget does not allow you to spend money on anything other than your ticket, it's still worth the investment on education. These trade shows offer exclusive classes from the best in our industry. Most of the time at the end of the class they will take questions from the attendees. 

                                             IMATS Lecture from Maxi Makeup:

The vendors tend to give much bigger discounts than you could find anywhere else. They also like to sell exclusive products at trade shows that you can't find anywhere else. For example Sugarpill cosmetics sold an exclusive pressed eyeshadow pallette at the Phamexpo. I have not been able to buy it online ANYWHERE. It was exclusive for the trade show and they have never sold it online or anywhere else.

I recommend getting there early because sometimes products get sold out, and classes start at the beginning of the day. Other tips I would add are to dress fashionable but comfortable if you plan on staying all day. I would also make sure to take water and snacks you can have throughout the day to make sure you can focus as the day goes by. Lastly don't forget to take business cards! This is an amazing opportunity to meet your favorite bloggers, favorite makeup artist, cosmetic company owners, and so much more. 

Kandee Johnson meeting fans at IMATs

Here is a list of all the upcoming trade shows for 2014 (For the 2015 list click here). Click on the city and it will link you to their website. One on their site you can see pricing, accommodations  exhibitors list, classes and more.

November 9-10th, 2014

January 17-19th, 2014

April 11-13th, 2014

June 27-29th, 2014

August 9-10th, 2014

September 20-21st, 2014

March 1-2nd, 2014

May 4-5th, 2014

June 7-8th, 2014

September 27-28th, 2014

November 15-16th, 2014

DTB 2014

June 28-29th, 2014

June 21-23rd, 2014

July 13-15th, 2014

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