Friday, August 2, 2013

My Secret Weapon:The Library

I was fortunate to be brought up in a home where books were cherished. In my home we always had bookshelves full of our favorite books and visiting our local libraries was a common family outing. My favorite library of them all was the DTLA Central Library and it continues to be my favorite place in all of Los Angeles. 

When I started out as a MUA there weren't so many resources available online, there wasn't YouTube beauty gurus or easy to follow pictorials on Pinterest. I loved reading Makeup books and continue to collect them as the years go by. Although we now have so many amazing resources online, the library continues to be a once a month stomping ground for me that allows me to grow as a Makeup Artist.

The beauty of the architecture alone is enough to inspire me, but inside are some of the best makeup and beauty books I've ever read. No matter where you live there will be a local library in which you can borrow books, dvd's and audio books on makeup, beauty, and marketing. The best part? It's all free as long as you return your items on time. My library in particular has a few rows of beauty books from Allure to Bobbi Brown and even career guides from the amazing Crystal Wright. So take advantage of this great resource you have available to advance your career, you may be surprised at what doors the library can open for your career.


by Kevyn Aucoin
I credit my entire Makeup career to Kevyn Aucoin's Making FacesI first came across this book when I was in 7th grade, before this book I had no idea what was possible with makeup other than the commonly seen beauty makeup on TV. This book takes you through some of the most iconic makeovers on celebrities. I fell in love with makeup when I saw his transformation of Gwyneth Paltrow into James Dean. I just couldn't believe it was created with makeup. These books are MUST have for any MUA. Kevyn Aucoin is a legendary makeup artist and his story is so inspirational, he really came from nothing to doing makeup on Cher, Mary J, Madonna and so many more.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, B.B. Living Beauty, B.B. Beauty: The Ultimate Beauty Resource Book
by Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown books are good to pick up at the library or buy used online they are good books for MUA's that are starting out. She goes over color theory and has really great photography in all her books.

The Professional Make-Up Artist: Motion Pictures, Television, Print, Theatre
by Joe Blasco & Vicent J-R Kehoe

This is the textbook used at the Joe Blasco school of Makeup for the curriculum. I was able to purchase mine a few years ago through Naimie's beauty supply at The Makeup Show here in LA for $75 or $80 it's an incredible buy and definitely another MUST have for your book collection, its's currently $99 at Naimies which is a steal! Joe Blasco & Vincent Kehoe are legendary MUA, if you don't know who they are google them. They are part of the people who paved the way for us to be MUA's today.

Here's a list of makeup books that could help you:

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