Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Makeup Artist are Your Friends

When you decided to create a career as a Makeup Artist, I'm sure you didn't fully grasp how competitive this field is. Competitive, as in there are so many makeup artist, so many people with talent, and so many different avenues to express yourself. It can be easy to look at another MUA's work and feel intimidated or jealous.

You can use these feelings in two ways, the first is to be mean, gossip, and be catty, which I'm sure we've all personally experienced or have seen first hand or you can notice that your feeling that way and use it as an indicator for growth. Anytime I see a picture of amazing work, it can creep up on me but what I realized is that if another human being was able to achieve that, then I am able to achieve it also. It won't fall out of the sky but I need to do my homework on techniques, networking, and practice.

Which brings me to my next point, when a makeup artist is starting out and post a picture on social media for constructive criticism. Don't be mean, I personally usually respond in a private message. Ask yourself, is your response going to support this person or are you just being catty? You can provide constructive criticism but there is a way to go about it. We all know the saying if you don't have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all.

Not only is it an unattractive trait, but you never know who sees it. I remember one time I needed a team of makeup artist, for a music video. I was receiving emails from various artist, and one in particular looked great on paper. While I was deciding on my team I saw that she had posted a picture of a fellow MUA in a Facebook group, and proceeded to make fun of not only her application but her facial features as well. This was a complete turn off, needless to say I didn't bring her on board.

As a makeup artist we all have so many avenues to create platforms for our work and income. Believe me when I tell you, there is more than enough work for all of us! Another MUA isn't your competition, that's your family.

"The only makeup artist you should strive to be better than, is the makeup artist you were yesterday"

Who else will understand the pain of cleaning 50 makeup brushes after an 8 hour day? or how hard it is to resist the sale at Sephora? Another makeup artist! Not to mention, we all need each other. Who are you going to call when you have a family emergency and a bridal client? Another makeup artist. Who are you going to call when you need extra hands on set? Another makeup artist. Who's going to mentor you, and give you real insight into the industry? Another makeup artist. Who's going to refer you work when they are over booked? Another makeup artist.

There's no reason to hate on another artist, be humble and let someone's success inspire you. Don't ever underestimate another makeup artist, she might be your assistant today and the person hiring you tomorrow.

Are you a Makeup Artist that supports Makeup Artist?

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