Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Facebook Groups for Professional Makeup Artist

Facebook groups are great to network, you may already be a part of a few makeup groups. I rounded up the best professional makeup groups on Facebook that are created by some of the most beloved leaders, educators, and peers in our industry. Before joining make sure to read each groups' set of rules FIRST, participate by asking questions or giving your best advice. Be tactful, respectful and REALLY take a second to think before you post. Don't forget to spell and grammar check! 

Michael DeVellis of the Powder Group created the  group "So You Want To Be A Makeup Artist..."

Welcome to So You Want To Be A Makeup Artist...
"We are a pro-focused, positive and welcoming group of makeup artists, business leaders and those looking to develop their career in makeup and beauty. This is a place to share and ask about product, technique, artistry and career. This is a place for engagement and community. No one here will reprimand you if you ask a question that has been asked before. No one here will allow negativity and criticism - not from our members and certainly not our administrators. We welcome dialogue and debate that encourages open communication without aggressiveness or unapologetic self-promotion. We are here for you - not ourselves. Brought to you by The Powder Group and our industry partners."

I love this group because there is a great mixture of professional industry makeup artist, beginning makeup artist and everyone in between. There is a positive vibe in this group and it's so nice to see makeup artist happy to mentor other makeup artist. There is never drama, bullying, or heckling of any members. The focus is on the work and what it takes to be a professional makeup artist. This FB group gives you a good preview of what it's like to be a member of the Powder Group and the benefits that are available to you as a member.

Glossible & Glossible PRO

Chicago's Sonia Roselli is giving you industry insight with no censors. She's all business, straight forward, and focuses on true makeup artistry. She launched her blog Glossible to help bring back classic makeup artist values and education. Her blog is one of my personal favorites. Join her Glossible group on Facebook or her Glossible Pro group if you are a professional

Glossible: A forum where professional makeup artists recommend professional products, trends to consumers and other pros. 

Glossible PRO:
This is a group for working professional makeup artists. You MUST have a www. website to join or an official IMDB page.

***If we can't see your pro website in your about page on Facebook, we don't let you 

After requesting to join, please make sure to check your "other" inbox in case we are trying to reach you with any questions. 

Thanks for understanding! "

In My Kit

The infamous Kevin James Bennett has a website In My Kit this website has reviews on cosmetic products for beauty professionals. He created the FB group "In My Kit" to create a social conversation where beauty professionals and enthusiast can ask questions and give tips or advice. He's at  over 25,000 group members, want to know why? Click here to join

The IN MY KIT® Group's focus is sharing product knowledge, application techniques, education, industry news, and interesting cosmetic facts.

This is a PUBLIC Group for Professionals AND Consumers - DO NOT discuss business procedures, contracts, rates or client issues.

We've all worked hard to build this community, please respect the following policies, rules and guidelines when participating in this group. "

Mee Inc Industry Workshops

The beautiful Donna Mee has over 33 years in the beauty industry. She's an entrepreneur, and launched her makeup academy in 1997. Her students are notorious for working in the industry and standing out. Join her FB group here.

While teaching in the third world countries of Bali, Indonesia and Johannesburg South Africa, in mid 2014, Donna was approached by several individuals that traveled far just to meet her. They told her that they truly aspired to become makeup artists but that they could not afford to take courses or training anywhere so they would never realize their dream of doing makeup and making a living as an artist. This weighed very heavily on Donna's heart. Before she left Bali, she had a vision... to break up her 4 - 20 week intensive training courses into much smaller segments of just 1 - 10 days. This allows more individuals to get started in the industry and ideally allows more aspiring artists to follow their dream career. "

World Wide Alliance of Makeup Artist

WAMA created by Celebrity Makeup Artist and Educator Sandra Hamill is also a large group with over 10,000 members. SANDRA HAMILL'S.....career in makeup artistry took and unusual but incredible path, one long envied and respected by even the best in the industry.

Twenty years ago Sandra went to school to learn her craft and graduated at the top of her class from a CIDESCO certified program, which holds the highest standard of beauty education in the world. 

Six months after graduating, she was working at the House of Commons in Ottawa as an in house makeup artist and her school had her in as a guest speaker for new and upcoming artists and her career was on its way. 4 years later she moved to Toronto and went to work for Queens Park. Before long she was doing the makeup of every notable politician and dignitary including Her Madgestys QE 11 appointed Governer General of Canada and the Dept of National Defence .

Finding her niche in civil service was exactly where Sandra felt she belonged. Sandra was well respected, trusted and called upon, often times at a moments notice, and she was there.

Sandra even has clearance to do the President of the United States and was originally invited to the roster under the Clinton administration. In fact, she has done the makeup of over 750 political figures!

She has also worked with an incredible number of celebrities and has been a favorite artist of famed photographer The Hon Al Gilbert, who didnt work with makeup artists until he met her. She is honored to have had her picture taken by Al Gilbert MASTER PHOTOGRAPHER-ORDER OF CANADA as well.

She considers it a pleasure and an honor to serve in this way and respects the position she is in saying, "When you are four inches away from a politician,diplomat or an Oscar winning director's face, you really need to know how to work and keep a good rapport with them." She says she rarely finds anyone difficult, maybe demanding, but not difficult.

All that being said her proudest achievement is being the creator and founder of the Worldwide Alliance of Makeup Artists. She created WAMA in an effort to help promote and network makeup artists all over the globe, assisting them in job placement, helping them perfect their craft, promoting them as well as the profession and so much more.