Friday, May 29, 2015

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Enrolling in Makeup School

Why do you want to do makeup?
Do you want to learn makeup application for yourself, as a hobby, or as a business?

What kind of makeup artist do you want to be?

Do you want to do makeup for bridal? For Television? For Events?

Do you want to work in a salon?

Do you want to teach makeup?

What's the most important quality a school has to offer you, is it reputation, price, convenience, and/or flexibility?

Do you have support from family and friends?

Do you have transportation to get to school and events?

If you have children do you have a reliable babysitter?

Do you have money saved to attend school and work for trade while building your portfolio?

What are you willing to do to succeed as a makeup artist?

How much income do you want to make as a makeup artist?

These are just a few things to ask yourself before signing up for makeup school. You want to set yourself up to win, so make sure to get your personal life arranged so that you have the best makeup school experience. This is not just a hobby this is your career and your education can be a great cornerstone for your future.

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