Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Stage and Screen Makeup Books

The Art of Make-up, Serge Strenkovsky, E.P. Dutton Co., New York, 1937

The Art of Theatrical Make-up for Stage and Screen, Michael Westmore, McGraw-Hill Co.,1937

Beauty, Glamour, and Personality, Ern and Bud Westmore, Prang Co., New York 1947

Book of Make-up, Masks and Wigs, C. Ray Smith, Theatre Crafts Books, Emmaus, PA, 1974

Dick Smith's do-it-yourself monster make-up handbookDick Smith, Imagine Inc., 1985
Contains instructions for transforming your face into fifteen monsters using make-up and other materials.

A History of Cosmetics in America, Gilbert Vail, Toilet Goods Assn., New York 1947

Making Up - For Professional and Amateur, James Young, M. Witmark & Sons, New York, etc., 1905

"Hints on the Art of Make-up," a series of pamphlets by the Max Factor Co., Los Angeles 1939

Max Factor's Hollywood, Fred Basten, etc., General Publishing Group, 1995

Max Factor - Facts (1877 to 1962), A review of the Company by Bill Hardwick & Staff. A typed set of sheets on the Company.

Paint, Powder and Make-Up, Ivard Strauss, Sweet & Sons Pub., New Haven, CT, 1936

Photographic Make-up, Jack Emerald,  Fountain Press, London, 1950

Photographic Make-up, Wray Meltmar, Pitman Pub. Co., New York, 1938

Stage Make-up, 1st ed. 1942, F.S. Crofits & Co., New York, 9th ed. 2001, Allyn & Bacon Co., Needham, MA. A Classic in the amateur make-up field for many years by Richard Corson, and now by James Glavan

The Westmore Beauty Book, Perc, Wally,Bud,Frank and Mont Westmore. The standard beauty book by the famous Westmore brothers. Melvin Korshak Pub., Chicago, 1956. Based on their black and white work in studio make-up methods.

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