Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Current Make-up Books

The American Cinematographer Manual, Joseph Mascelli, ASC, ASC Holding Corp., Hollywood, 1966 (2nd)  edition. Has recommendations on film make-up materials by Vincent J-R Kehoe

Creating Special Effects for TV & Films, Bernard Wilkie, Focal Press, London, 1977 & 1983

Grande Illusions, Tom Savini, Imagine, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, 1983. Very clever horror make-up work in the field of blood,  gore, and special make-up effects.

Making a Monster, A & S Taylor, Crown Pub., New York,1980. A collection of work by horror make-up artist  of that day.

Men, Make-up, and Monsters, Anthony Timpone, St. Martin's Griffith Pub., New York, 1996, Interviews with make-up artists featured in Fangoria Magazine

Metamorphoses, Serge Diakonoff, Editionss Dell'Arte, 1984. A stunning collection of facial and body painting by a master of the art.

Miralda Ou Peintures Sur Un Visage, Serge Diakonoff, Bernard Letu, Editor, 1978. An earlier version of the above fascinating work.

The Westmores of Hollywood, Frank Westmore, etc., J.B. Lippincott Co., New York, 1976. The definitive book by the youngest brother of the Westmore family on their rise in Hollywood studios to a dominance in the field. Worth reading.

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