Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Books on Laboratory Procedures for Special FX

Dick Smith's do-it-yourself monster make-up handbook, Dick Smith, Imagine Inc., 1985

Contains instructions for transforming your face into fifteen monsters using make-up and other materials.

Facial and Body Prosthesis, Carl Dame Clarke, C.V. Mosby Co., St. Louis, MO 1945.
A classic in this field, but based on rather old methodology.

Facial Prosthesis, Arthur Bulbulian, W.B. Saunders Co., Philadelphia & London, 1945.
A classic in this field, but based on rather old methodology.

Foam Latex Ovens, Gary Boham, Alchemy Press, Minneapolis, MN, 1991,1992 and 1994 editions. All very informative for make-up artist use for preparing foam latex.

F X Source Book Gary Boham, Alchemy Press, Minneapolis, MN, 1996/1997 edition. "National directory of over 480 manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, for SFX artists, shops and consultants, prop shops, model makers, sculptors, display builders and others in the visual arts."

Molding and Casting, Carl Dame Clarke, Standard Arts Press, Butler, MD 1946. In it's day, it was the standard for make-up as well as medical prosthetic use, but like the first two books in this section, the newer methods, and especially the materials recommended in Volume II of The Professional Make-up Artist supplant most of this information.

Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen: Making and Applying ProstheticsTodd Debreceni, Focal Press, 2013

Todd teaches you about the gear you will need, how to maintain your kit, how to take care of the actor's skin, how to airbrush properly when HD is involved, and so much more.

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