Monday, March 2, 2015

Fine Art and Anatomy Books

Anatomy, Walter, Foster, Foster Art Services, Laguna Beach, CA, n.d.

Anatomy, A Complete Guide for Artists, Joseph Sheppard, Watson-Guptill, New York, 1975

Anatomy for the Artist, Jeno Barcsay, Metro Books, UK Ltd., 2001, A series of books of drawings for the study and drawing of the human body.

The Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques, Ralph Mayer, Penguin Group, USA, Inc., New York City, 1991. The standard artist's technical book on color and color mixing for fine arts materials

How to Draw the Head, Walter Foster, Foster Art Service, Laguna Beach, CA, n.d.

Masks & How to Make Them, Doane Powell, Bridgeman Pub. Inc., New York, 1948. Papier-mache mask making.

Masques Primitifs, I.L. Schneider, (in French) Paris, 1951. A series of primitive peoples' masks.

Modeling the Figure in Clay, Margit Malmstrom, Watson-Guptill Pub., New York, 1980

Modeling the Head in ClayMargit Malmstrom, Watson-Guptill Pub., New York, 1979. Two important sculpting books for artists.

Modeling a Likeness in Clay, Daisy Grubbs, Watson-Guptill Pub., New York, 1982

Sculpture for Beginners, Henry Lion, Foster Art Service, Laguna Beach, CA, n.d. Two more softcover books on sculpture

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