Saturday, June 13, 2015

Google+ Communities for Beauty

Google+ is often overlooked as a social media platform, but it's awesome to promote your website or blog. It's also Google's attempt at social media so it helps you with SEO and coming up higher on the Google Search Engine.

Amateur Makeup Artists and Lovers

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Beauty (Group 3)
Beauty UK
Beauty/Fashion Bloggers
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Beauty Bloggers Forum
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Beautiful Makeup
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Beauty Tips
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Beauty and Lifestyle with Lena Semaan
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Beauty and Makeup (Group 2)

Beauty and Styles
Beauty for Women
Black Fashion and Beauty
Budget Beauty's
Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Daniela Irimiea Make-up Artist
Fashion and Beauty
Fashion and Beauty Makeup Bloggers/Lovers
Fashion Beauty MakeupFashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Bloggers
Fashion, Makeup, and a Double Latte! 

Health & Beauty Bloggers
International Beauty Movement

JamesC Makeup Designer
Korean Makeup
Lifestyle Bloggers
Make-up Blogs
Make-up, Nails, and Hair

Makeup (Group 2)
Makeup (Group 3)
Make up lover unite.
Makeup and Beauty

Makeup and Beauty Community
Makeup in Motion
Makeup Artist Melbourne

Makeup Fashion and Beauty
Makeup Geeks
Makeup Lovers
Makeup Lovers (Group 2)
Makeup Opportunity
Makeup, Skincare, and Hair Blogs

Makeup Tutorials
Moda G+
Passion Glam 2015
Promote Your Blog

Skin Care
Skin Care (Group 2)
Skin Care (Group 3)
Skin & Beauty
Skin & Hair Care
Skin Care and Beauty
Smart Makeup Artist

Youtube Beauty Guru

Friday, June 12, 2015

How Do I Start Doing Makeup?

This is probably the question I get asked the most and the reason I started this blog to begin with. How do I start doing makeup without having any training? Makeup can be intimidating when your first starting off especially when the only face you've done makeup on is your own. So where do you begin?

The first place to start practicing is on yourself. This is the one place you can really feel safe to practice, try out new things, and master basic skills. Learn how to blend eye shadow, how to add eye liner (wing eyeliner if your feeling confident), how to apply liquid foundation, how to apply cream foundation, how to add blush, how to conceal pimples and under eyes. Every time you try something new, lay out all the tools and makeup you used to create the look. Snap a picture of your supplies and a selfie, even it it's not great. This is for your own private portfolio, so that you can self critique your learning process. If you are able to, write down all the steps you took and how you liked each product and why. They say the best way to master something is by teaching it, so even if it's just written it will help you understand your application much better.

The next place is family and friends. We all have people that love and support us, this should be a place we feel safe and supported. Don't go apply makeup on the debbie downer friend or a jealous family member. Share your dreams with people that will help keep your dreams afloat. When I started playing with makeup around 17 or so I would make my own clothes and make my little sister "model" for me. This was perfect because she was my little sister she would never say no, what 12 year old isn't going to enjoy dressing up and getting her face painted? So I began practicing on her over and over, quickly realizing how different our face shapes and features were. To this day she is the most difficult winged eyeliner I have ever mastered. I can always do it on the right eye and the left eye just causes me so many problems which I would have never known if I didn't try.

Which brings me to my next point, don't ignore women that are older, overweight, have acne, or are a race your not used to applying makeup on. This is where you will really test your skills as a makeup artist. Dive into it head first! Your grandma came to visit? Cool give her a make over. We all want pictures of makeup on flawless, young, model type skin so we can show off our work but that skin isn't hard to mess up. It's easy to make someone flawless look at least decent, but if you can make grandma look 10 years younger, or someone with a birth mark on their face feel confident about going to a HS reunion, or the senior who went through HS with acne feel beautiful when she goes to prom, that to me is a talented makeup artist.

As far as having a makeup kit be patient, it can take time to build up. When I started I bought a tool box at Wal-mart, when I started actually using it and doing makeup on people I invested in a hard shell makeup case. Eventually I moved onto a fabric nylon makeup case with drawers. Almost 7 years after purchasing my tool box I finally invested in a Zuca Pro and their artist backpack.

Friday, June 5, 2015

My Favorite Makeup Books

I completely consider myself a book worm, I grew up in a family that loves to read and often book swaps. So it makes sense that one of my favorite tools to learn makeup, technique, and more is makeup books. Here are my favorite ones:

My all time favorite makeup book is The Professional Makeup Artist: Motion Picture, Television, Print, Theatre by Joe Blasco and Vincent J-R Kehoe. This book is my favorite because of the knowledge and information that is available, I call it my makeup bible. It was written by two founding fathers of makeup, if you don't know who Joe and Vincent are Google them. You won't believe all the things they have accomplished in their careers and how much  they have influenced the industry. This is also the book that is used at the Joe Blasco Makeup Training Center which can cost thousands of dollars. This book outlines everything from color theory, makeup application, kit supplies, history and more. So to spend under $100 and get at least some of the information that is shared for this course is such a bargain!

Kevyn Aucoin books are a must have for any beauty lover, especially a makeup artist. He is the reason I became a makeup artist and what opened my eyes to the possibility of becoming a makeup artist despite any adversity I faced. His books share techniques, explanations for tools and products, as well as my favorite makeovers from celebrities to everyday women. His knowledge and inspiration still stand true years later. Again another person to add to your Google list.

The luxury of Nars cosmetics is brought to book form in Makeup Your Mind Express Yourself by Francois Nars. I love the variety of races in this book and the mixture of  men as well. Being able to clearly see the before and afters will inspire you to play with your makeup and see what you can accomplish.

Scott Barnes, creator of the infamous J.Lo glow, has been notorious for working with some of the most legendary women of our time.

Iman is one of the most iconic super models, business women, and cosmetic empire. She created one of the first makeup books dedicated to addressing concerns for makeup across all skin tones featuring Salma Hayek, Tyra Banks, Eva Mendes, Venus and Serena.

Jemma Kidd Make-up Masterclass: Beauty Bible of Professional Techniques and Wearable Looks in her step by step guide Jemma really breaks down beauty looks into simple steps anyone can recreate. She also has Make-Up Secrets: Solutions to Every Woman's Beauty Issues and Make-Up Dilemmas.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, B.B. Living Beauty, B.B. Beauty: The Ultimate Beauty Resource Book
by Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown books are good to pick up at the library or buy used online they are good books for MUA's that are starting out. She goes over color theory and has really great photography in all her books.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

MUA: Most Commonly Asked Questions

One of the most common fears of new makeup artist, is 

"What questions will my clients ask me?"

And How do I answer them?

1. How long have you been doing makeup?
      Honesty is the best policy, don't lie about your experience or feel embarrassed for not           having years under your belt. Have pride for your passion, experience, and the fact that         you are pursuing your dreams. Every makeup artist starts somewhere, share how long         you have been doing makeup, what you have accomplished ( 2 weddings, 8 week                 makeup course, 1 fashion show etc.) and why you love doing makeup.

2. Have you worked on any celebrities? If you have who       are they?
      Again honesty is the best policy, be honest and do not plagiarize the work of another             artist. Don't say you did makeup on a Kardashian last week, if you didn't. If you assisted       on a celebrity shoot or job state that you assisted, never take credit for someone else's         work. Even if you think that they will never find out, integrity in this industry matters.               Additionally if you signed a non disclosure contract that prohibited you from stating that         you provided services to this celebrity or speaking of this celebrities' behavior abide by         your contract, and do not disclose any information.

3. Are you self taught or did you go to makeup school?
      People like to know how you learned makeup, so feel free to share with them what your       journey has been. Have you always played with makeup? Did you learn by attending a         school, or have you gotten your hands on every face you can get ahold of? If you have         been certified share your certification, techniques you learned, and what influences you         as a makeup artist?

4. What are your makeup rates?
      Research makeup rates in your area, feel free to email other makeup artist and ask               them what they are charging? Get as much detail as possible for all inquiries. Ask how         many people will have their makeup done? How long you are expected to be there? Will       you stay for touch ups? and more. Figure out how much you will spend to get this job           done, your products, wear and tear on brushes, gas money, etc.

5. What products do you carry in your kit?
      People want to know what they are paying for, they want to know if you carry high end           products, products they might be allergic to, and some people want only use organic or         cruelty free or vegan products. Be honest and share what products you use. This                   question is easier to answer if you take the time to educate yourself about your                     products. So learn everything you can about the products you carry from ingredients to         possible reactions.

6. Could I see your work?
      Of course people want to see your makeup work before hiring you. The most                         professional thing is to have a website. It provides a level of professionalism that                   Instagram or Facebook doesn't. Again, do not plagiarize work, if you use work from               another artist, there are so many ways for them to find out. Not to mention you might not       be able to recreate their technique. It's always best to use your own work.

Monday, June 1, 2015

30 Questions to Ask Before Enrolling in Makeup School

Not all makeup schools were created equal and for that reason before handing over your hard earned cash, please make sure to do your homework on the makeup academies of your choice. From tuition to instructors and post certification, these questions will help you make an informed decision on choosing a makeup academy.

How long does it take to complete your course?

What is the cost of attendance?

Do you offer payment plans?

What form of payment do you accept?

What are your refund policies?

What happens if I was unable to complete due to personal reasons, or illness?

Do you have any satisfaction guarantee policy?

What is the student to instructor ratio?

Does my tuition include a beauty makeup kit? What comes in it?

Is a special FX kit purchased separately or included?

Does my tuition include books?

Do I need to purchase a uniform?

Do you offer any online resources while I am enrolled? Such as a student forum, online videos of the course

Is there tutoring or resources available if I don't understand a technique or concept?

What does your certification cover? Bridal, Special FX, Theatre, Airbrushing etc.

Are your instructors currently working in the industry?

Is your academy in affiliation with any company? (For example the line of products used, or cosmetic companies that offer discounts)

Does your course cover marketing?

Does your course cover taxes, insurance, and the legalities of starting a business?

Do I receive discounts to trade shows or classes taught anywhere else?

Do I need to join an organization?

Are there any annual fees?

How long has your facility been open?

Are you part of the BBB (Better Business Bureau)?

Do you have any type of accreditation or awards?

What resources are available post certification?

Do you offer discounted rates for continued education?

Do you offer job placement or assistant opportunities? Such as resume creation, portfolio creation

What kind of salary should I expect to make 6 months after completing your course?

Please give the names of your three most successful students

Try to tour at least 3 makeup schools. Always ensure you visit the school in person, request the ability to maybe stop by a class that is in session to get a feel for the administration, instructors, and student body. Whatever you do, don't enroll into a school until you have toured all of your options.