Friday, May 15, 2015

Roshar Makeup Workshop in Las Vegas

Pro Makeup Artist Workshop
June 13th10am-6pm

If you don't know who Roshar is, you need to do your homework! Roshar is an international makeup artist, based in both New York and Los Angeles, with work featured in VOGUE, Harpers BAZAAR, ELLE, GLAMOUR, and InStyle magazine, among many other publications.

Originally from a small town in Texas, Roshar left home at the young age of 15, and began doing makeup to pay the rent. He soon developed the skill and unconventional style, that has lead him where he is today. 

Since early childhood Roshar had a fascination with painting and fashion. Immersed in the underground club scene of the late 80s and early 90s, Roshar explored the world of role play and costumes, that further complemented his unusual way of looking at things. 

As a platform artist, Roshar has worked on makeup presentations not only in the U.S but also in Moscow, Ukraine, Philippines, Toronto, Singapore and Japan.

Known for flawless skin and meticulous attention to detail, Roshar's work has become instantly recognizable. Some of his clients include MAKE UP FOR EVER, CoverGirl, Paul Mitchell, L'Oreal, Wella, and YABY Cosmetics. Ok so now that you've been brought up to speed here's the break down for his workshop: 

An intense one day workshop that will focus on Makeup for Photography, Marketing, Branding, and Transformation in Las Vegas

Be ready to open your mind to a new view on makeup and application with Roshar

The first hour will consist of how to market yourself and how to get your work out there to be scene. Along with the ins and outs of the makeup industry that has made Roshar in demand Internationally. The makeup portions will utilize a very unique perspective on makeup that utilizes "thinking outside the box".

Learn how to do a natural yet stunning look that is seen on celebrities, yet strong enough to 'read' under strong photographic lighting

Making skin glow
Understanding Contour
Time management
Flawless skin
Minimizing your kit
Understanding mixing mediums
Reshaping the eye

DEMO 2 – Out-of-the-box Fantasy
Creating a fantasy look that incorporates techniques that can even be used in regular makeup . A fun presentation meant to inspire.
Creating a fantasy look that makes sense
Working with an editorial team
Make your colors true in photographic light
Understanding the Color Wheel
Blocking brows
Creating a "fashion " lip
How to deal with creative blocks
and so much more..........................

Hands on Workshop

Utilizing what you have learned, you will create a look under Roshar's guidance. A sure way to engrain all the tips and tricks learned within the day!

Guess how much the workshop is? ONLY $250!! I'm looking into attending, since I'll be in Vegas that weekend anyways. Who else is going?

Click here to sign up 

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