Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Average Makeup Artist Business Start Up Cost

One of the things that hold people back from starting a career as a makeup artist is not fully understanding the cost to start your business. On average it can be about a $2,000 investment so let me break down the cost for you. This varies on the quality of product you choose, your personal abilities (graphic design, marketing etc.), and cost of products in your market.

Break Down

Business cards                   $25-$125
Website domain                  $10-$25/yr
Website design                   $10/mo ($120/yr) using a drag and drop service like Wix or Squarespace
Website designer               $300+
Pouches misc.                    $50-$100
Makeup Case                     $150-$300
Makeup Disposables           $20-$80

Makeup Brushes                $150-$300
Skin care products             $50-$300
Sanitation Products            $75-$150
Makeup Products               $400-$1,500 (realistically this can escalate upwards of $3,000)
Additional Fees to Consider:

Marketing                           $100+
Advertising                         $100+
Continued education          $100-$2000
Clothing                              $100-$500+

Books                                 $30+
Associations                       $150+
Liability Insurance              $100+
Vehicle Insurance              $100+

Vehicle maintenance          $100+
Physical Portfolio                $75+
Print Services                     $50+

When you started how much did you spend? I remember spending about $1,000 at Nigel'ls Beauty Emporium. 

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