Thursday, April 30, 2015

Inspirational MUA: Kevin James Bennett

If you have been in the beauty industry for longer than 10 seconds, you should hear the reference "KJB" short for Kevin James Bennett. With over 30 years in the industry, two Emmy awards, 5 Emmy nominations, IMATS key speaker, In My Kit creator, educator, HSN presentor, there's no place KJB hasn't reached. His charm and ability to connect with any audience will leave you inspired as a makeup artist, business owner, and as a person.

Want to know exactly where KJB has been? Here are just a few Career Highlights:

Kevin James Bennett has been nominated 5 times and won 2 Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup.

2005: Launched IN MY KIT® (, the first online cosmetic review and buying guide dedicated to professional makeup artists. It features pro quality products that perform above standards in all media formats. It has become the pro’s product bible and gained international recognition as a beauty insider’s best kept secret.
2007: First appearance as an on-air beauty expert for HSN (Home Shopping Network)
2009: Hired as a consultant to transition HSN to full HD Digital Format, working with all departments (hair/makeup, wardrobe, lighting, video) on the conversion.
2010: Launched Makeup Art + Design Enterprises, a cosmetics industry consulting firm.
Introduced Cosmetics Junkie™, a blog dedicated to industry news, product reviews, tutorials and beauty advice.
2012: Became the first American recipient of the International Goldene Maske für Visagistik Award for excellence in artistry, industry support, education and mentorship. Other recipients include legendary Hollywood makeup artist, Michael Westmore.
2013: Launched the IN MY KIT® Facebook Group, to create a real-time conversation between consumers and professional artists. The group’s topics focus on cosmetic products, industry news and innovative application techniques.
(IMK Group membership exceeded 25,000 fellow cosmetics junkies earlier this year.)
2014: Keynote Speaker at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS).
2015: Launched THE WORKING ARTIST COMPANY with business partner Erica Carr. WAC offers premiere beauty events and education, featuring industry experts recognized for their outstanding teaching abilities.

"Kevin James Bennett is known across the industry as one of the most product-driven, business-focused artists of a generation. Not only is he an Emmy® Award winner and incredibly successful makeup artist, he is a leader and educator in all aspects of this industry, an inspirational voice and, without a doubt, one of the most intensive product experts. He gives you a wealth of knowledge every time he speaks…"

— Michael DeVellis
Executive Director, The Powder Group

"Kevin is a rare combination of understanding the needs of customers and understanding the needs of a company. His expansive cosmetic knowledge, eye for innovation and ability to anticipate trends make him one of the top developers in our industry."

— Poppy King
CEO/Creative Director, Lipstick Queen

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Glam App

The Glam App, just launched in February by Cara Santana, an actress and founder of Cara Disclothed, and Joey Maalouf, you might recognize him from the Rachel Zoe Project one of Hollywood’s most popular hairstylists. 

"The Glam App is beauty on demand. With the push of a button, The Glam App delivers beauty experts to your front door. Offering services that range from a blow dry, to make up applications, or just a simple polish change there’s no need to leave your house, when we bring the salon to you."

Image from Byrdie

What does that mean for your as a Makeup Artist? The opportunity to meet new clients, increase your income, create your own schedule and be a part of the future of the beauty industry. I signed up with The Glam App as a Makeup Artist. They accept hairstylist, and manicurist who can provide their state license. Their team is incredibly connected and has offered opportunities that include celebrity clients, events for the Oscars, and collaborations that could connect you with people you otherwise didn't have access to.

Once you sign up, you can create your stylist profile. There you can share about you, select your hours, and enter the zip code of the area you work in. When someone books an appointment on the Glam app you then receive a text message notifying you that a job is available. You then login to the back end of the site via cell phone or desk top to confirm the job. Once it is confirmed it will show up on your accepted appointments. It will tell you the name of the client, address, and makeup style. Do they want contouring, no makeup makeup, a dramatic lip? After you have received the information pack your kit and go if it is an on demand appointment or make note of it on your calendar. Show up looking professional, with a clean kit, and excited to meet your new client.

Are you a makeup artist, hair stylist or nail technician? Click here to become a stylist with The Glam App. Are you signed up with the Glam app or any other app, if so which one?

Monday, April 27, 2015

Temptu Bridal Workshop

Monday May 18th, 2015 / 11am-2pm 

Temptu Bridal Workshop 

Bridal season is here! Join TEMPTU artist Tanya Deemer as she walks you through the best tips for airbrushing brides. Bridal makeup is the ultimate form of special occasion makeup and airbrush makeup will take you to the next level by providing a fast, efficient, and long lasting makeup application. 

Whether you are custom blending foundation or airbrushing the final touches, this workshop will teach you how to airbrush a timeless beauty look for the bride.

Our exclusive and best value multi-tasking kit includes all the essentials to create a full complexion for the blushing bride to be.  Featuring a combination of S/B & AIRpod Makeup, this kit gives makeup artists the flexibility to choose the equipment and products that work best for each client.

$250 Class fee includes TEMPTU Bridal Kit with the following:

• 2.0 Compressor in White
• SP-40 Airbrush
• AIRpod Airbrush
• S/B Foundation Starter Set 12 Pack in 1/4 oz.
• S/B Airbrush Cleaner in 1 oz.
• AIRpod Blush in Peony Pink
• AIRpod Warm Glow Bronzer
• AIRpod Highlighter in Champagne

Located at Nigel Beauty Emporium
11252 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601

• This workshop fee is $250 • Class fee includes Exclusive Nigel’s TEMPTU Bridal Kit ($440 retail value, included with $250 workshop fee) • Cancellations must be made 48 hrs. in advance. Absolutely no refunds afterwards. • Please arrive early, street parking only • Must present your workshop receipt for the workshop & to redeem products.

Click Here to Register

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Being a Sanitary Makeup Artist

Your Hands
ALWAYS, keep your hands clean no matter where you are working. If you touch your hair, sanitize. If you touch your face, sanitize. If you touch your cell phone, sanitize.You get the hint, your hands will be in contact with your client's face/body so be considerate of the trust your client has placed in your hands - literally. I always keep hand sanitizer to keep sanitizing my hands in between faces and applications. Sometimes we work in a location that gives us access to clean, running water and other times we are on location outdoors. Always use a steel palette and spatula to scrape product from it's container. You may use your fingers to apply makeup on a client but make sure your hands and nails are clean. Also be considerate of your nail length, which can be uncomfortable for clients and not to mention can be a perfect breeding ground for germs and gunk. I like to have a medium hand sanitizer with a pump in my work station so anyone can use, I keep a smaller one in my pocket or keychain, and I love the EO sanitizing wipes in lavender. I love those wipes because they smell good and they are nice and thick. They can be used to wipe your hands, tables, or chairs.

Makeup Brushes
Makeup Brushes must be sanitized after every use, no exceptions. Once it has touched one clients face it should not touch anyone else's face without being cleaned. You can transfer germs, acne, and other skin conditions. I personally use the Cinema Secrets brush cleaner. I've tried almost all the brush cleaners you can name. The reason I like the CS brush cleaner is that if I have two clients I can clean my brushes in between faces and they will be dry for my second application. The other brush cleaners I have used take too long to dry, especially when I'm working high volume (fashion show, on set, bridal party) I like to clean my brushes as soon as I get home from a job that way if I get called last minute I'm confident that my kit is ready to go.

Sponges & Powder Puffs
One sponge or powder puff per person no  exceptions. I like to give powder puffs to my clients so that they can touch up on their own. Most people don't use powder puffs on a day to day basis, so they tend to feel appreciative for the powder puff. It's just a small gesture that clients don't expect. Exception: Beauty Blenders, we all know they cost about $15-$20 per blender. I definitely don't give these away but I do use one blender per person. I sanitize these by running them through a wash cycle in my washing  machine at home. I've also let it soak overnight in brush cleaner for hard to remove stains. I follow it up by rinsing with the beauty blenders soap, until all the soap residue is gone.

Pressed Makeup: Eyeshadow, Powders, Blush 
Any pressed powders should be scrapped from it's container onto a steel palette. That's the best way to prevent contamination because it doesn't allow anything other than your steel spatula to touch the product. Another accepted way to work and sanitize is to use your clean tools (brushes, applicators etc) to dip directly into the powder. Once you are done with application use a tissue to wipe the top layer off of your product. You can then spray it with 99% alcohol or beauty so clean. Sometimes I use damp a shop towel with alcohol and wipe the top of my pressed powders. Many Makeup Artist use Beauty So Clean which is a cosmetic sanitizer whose main ingredient is alcohol. So that's just personal preference either one works well. 

Eye and Lip Pencils
After every use I wipe down my eye and lip pencils with a damp shop towel that has alcohol. I then use a sterilized pencil sharpener to sharpen off new pencil. 

Image from Makeup Geek

Makeup Case
Everything in your case can be sanitized but it must be clean and organized also. Everyone on set can see your kit, and there is a trust that is created when anyone sees a clean kit. Not to mention it's our job as makeup artist to be professional and sanitary.It gives a bad impression when there is spilled foundation, or powder all over the place. 

Thanks to Karen Acosta for this Question :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Make More Money with Your Clients

As a makeup artist we to think that our only source of income is through providing services for our clients. WRONG! So wrong, I wish so badly that someone gave me this insight sooner. How many times do your clients ask you "What foundation do you recommend?" or "What mascara do I buy?" and we are happy to share our favorite brands. Sometimes even going out of our way to let them use our discount. Besides building rapport with clients, family, and friends we don't get any benefit. It feels good but after awhile I started thinking.. If I got a dollar every time I sent someone to the MAC counter I would be a millionaire by now!

So just as my frustration kept building a really good friend of mine shared with me that she was starting her own business with Jeunesse. This shocked me since she is a finance expert and in 7 years of our friendship I've never seen her wear makeup or ask about skin care. She started breaking everything down for me and it just  made so much sense to me. I could make money by retailing skin care products to my clients, a percentage of anyone I recruited, and additional bonuses that seemed too good to be true. So being the skeptic that I had been, I looked into the company, tried the product and saw checks from ppl already making money in Jeunesse. I thought, well whats the worst that can happen? I could start with just under $300 which would give me access to further training, products, and my own website. The amount of products I was going to receive was worth more than the investment alone.

So I received my first package and I got to try the Luminesce product line. Within 3 days I was able to see a visible difference on my skin. My pores were smaller, the redness I tend to cover with makeup was reduced, my under eye area looked more supple, and the overall texture of my skin looked much better. This was a product I knew within 3 days that I would be using, so I figured I might as well make some money along the way. (3 week update, my skin has never looked so nice with out makeup on) I also saw a benefit in purchasing the products at wholesale cost which would be like our makeup artist discount. 

The first way I started making money with Jeunesse was by using their Instantly Ageless microcream. It is a cream that can be used on wrinkles, or undereye bags and instantly in two minutes or less you can see them disappear. I like to call it botox cream or spanx for your face. The effect last 8-9 hours which is perfect for a full day at work, special events, or weddings. Here is a video so you can see for yourself, there's no photoshop, no gimmicks. I've never seen anything like it in the beauty industry.


This product literally sells itself, I was worried that I would become a creepy, shady sales person and I've had the complete opposite experience. Everyone I've used this product on has said "Why didn't you tell me about this sooner!?" and has placed an order on the spot. I had one husband pull money out of this wallet right away and asked me to order a box for his wife lol 

If your interested in making more money with your client services feel free to email me to ask any questions. I would be more than happy to share about my experience increasing my income with Jeunesse. How do you make extra money as a makeup artist?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Average Makeup Artist Business Start Up Cost

One of the things that hold people back from starting a career as a makeup artist is not fully understanding the cost to start your business. On average it can be about a $2,000 investment so let me break down the cost for you. This varies on the quality of product you choose, your personal abilities (graphic design, marketing etc.), and cost of products in your market.

Break Down

Business cards                   $25-$125
Website domain                  $10-$25/yr
Website design                   $10/mo ($120/yr) using a drag and drop service like Wix or Squarespace
Website designer               $300+
Pouches misc.                    $50-$100
Makeup Case                     $150-$300
Makeup Disposables           $20-$80

Makeup Brushes                $150-$300
Skin care products             $50-$300
Sanitation Products            $75-$150
Makeup Products               $400-$1,500 (realistically this can escalate upwards of $3,000)
Additional Fees to Consider:

Marketing                           $100+
Advertising                         $100+
Continued education          $100-$2000
Clothing                              $100-$500+

Books                                 $30+
Associations                       $150+
Liability Insurance              $100+
Vehicle Insurance              $100+

Vehicle maintenance          $100+
Physical Portfolio                $75+
Print Services                     $50+

When you started how much did you spend? I remember spending about $1,000 at Nigel'ls Beauty Emporium. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Makeup Artist Workshop by Candace Corey!

Come to The Makeup Artist Workshop. 
The New York class will be in July. 

It's a HANDS ON class that will teach you makeup techniques and business techniques to get work working as a professional makeup artist. 

Is it hard for you to find work?

Do you know how to apply the different makeup application techniques needed for photo shoots, TV or red carpet?

Do you know the right rate to get paid for jobs?

Learn how by Candace Corey, a working makeup artist.

For more information:

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Stage and Screen Makeup Books

The Art of Make-up, Serge Strenkovsky, E.P. Dutton Co., New York, 1937

The Art of Theatrical Make-up for Stage and Screen, Michael Westmore, McGraw-Hill Co.,1937

Beauty, Glamour, and Personality, Ern and Bud Westmore, Prang Co., New York 1947

Book of Make-up, Masks and Wigs, C. Ray Smith, Theatre Crafts Books, Emmaus, PA, 1974

Dick Smith's do-it-yourself monster make-up handbookDick Smith, Imagine Inc., 1985
Contains instructions for transforming your face into fifteen monsters using make-up and other materials.

A History of Cosmetics in America, Gilbert Vail, Toilet Goods Assn., New York 1947

Making Up - For Professional and Amateur, James Young, M. Witmark & Sons, New York, etc., 1905

"Hints on the Art of Make-up," a series of pamphlets by the Max Factor Co., Los Angeles 1939

Max Factor's Hollywood, Fred Basten, etc., General Publishing Group, 1995

Max Factor - Facts (1877 to 1962), A review of the Company by Bill Hardwick & Staff. A typed set of sheets on the Company.

Paint, Powder and Make-Up, Ivard Strauss, Sweet & Sons Pub., New Haven, CT, 1936

Photographic Make-up, Jack Emerald,  Fountain Press, London, 1950

Photographic Make-up, Wray Meltmar, Pitman Pub. Co., New York, 1938

Stage Make-up, 1st ed. 1942, F.S. Crofits & Co., New York, 9th ed. 2001, Allyn & Bacon Co., Needham, MA. A Classic in the amateur make-up field for many years by Richard Corson, and now by James Glavan

The Westmore Beauty Book, Perc, Wally,Bud,Frank and Mont Westmore. The standard beauty book by the famous Westmore brothers. Melvin Korshak Pub., Chicago, 1956. Based on their black and white work in studio make-up methods.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Makeup Artist Supplies Stores

Camera Ready Cosmetics provides professional makeup supplies for print, stage, TV and film make-up artists. Camera Ready Cosmetics was founded in 2003 by Makeup Artist Mary Erickson.

"It’s been my dream to have a pro makeup show room, a place for artists to play with professional products without the typical makeup store attitude. I can't stand going into a store where the owners and employees think they're doing the customer a favor by being there."

"We've narrowed our products down to the best of the best. We have chosen the brands that respect and formulate their products for artists. You won’t find us in high end malls and we don't wear matching brush belts. However, we treat our customers with respect. If you want to play with products for a few hours and buy nothing...that's ok...come in and play. Our store is your playground."

Over his 50-year career, Maurice Stein's Academy Award-winning (Planet of the Apes, 1969) makeup artistry has touched the faces of some of the brightest stars of film, television, and commercials-even three US presidents. He has worked on over 200 films and television shows and has more than 4,000 commercials to his credit.

Frends Beauty, established in 1940, is the industry's one-stop-shop for professional hair and makeup artistry supplies. With more than 15,000 square feet of space, they are one of the worlds largest professional beauty focused establishments that is open to the public. Supplying the majority of the large budget films and television shows gives them great insight into what products are in high demand. Frends Beauty is staffed with nothing less than accredited professional hair and makeup artists and special fx experts to assist you in your purchases. Customer service is the cornerstone of their business ethos, and they will go the extra mile to ensure that your experience is fun, educational, and satisfying.


For student and professional working clientele, they offer a unique discount program known as Frends With Benefits. Beauty industry professionals and students can apply for this discount by clicking HERE. They will not make you jump through hoops or provide DNA samples as proof. They believe that being easy to work with makes for happy customers.

The Hair and Makeup Pro Shop that's open to the public. They are one of the world's leading suppliers to the entertainment industry & cater to professional makeup artists, hairstylists, wig masters, & general public. They have a salon, a day spa, & a retail outlet which offers products from the most reputable brands in beauty & special effects makeup.


Established in 1988. Naimie Ojeil and Sam Bekerian established the company to provide Hollywood makeup artists and hairstylists with the top professional products.

Nigel’s Beauty Emporium, is truly an adventure into the world of beauty, come journey amidst its vast collection of cosmetic beauty brands: Make Up For EverBeccaStila, as well as “cult” brands such as Koh Gen DoScott BarnesKevin Aucoin and Amazing Cosmetics, to name a few.

Promenade down the aisles of our 7000 sq ft retail store, located in the heart of No Ho district, a mere block away from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. You will enjoy our extensive full lines of skincare, including Epicuren, Kiehl’s, Yonka and Jack Black, to name just a few, as well as a wide variety of haircare lines such as Fekkai, Bumble & Bumble, Kevin Murphy, Kerastase, Phytologie, Mixed Chicks and many more.

The Emporium boasts sixty combined years of experience in the beauty industry, priding themselves with an unsurpassed knowledge base and customer service. Many of Hollywood’s famous faces can be seen in this store on regular basis, enjoying their shopping spree undisturbed by their surroundings. Whether it is a local or international movie set and TV location, they supply their make up artists and hair stylists with all their professional needs. They delight in the fact that these celebrities, as well as their retail customers, enjoy their freedom exploring the Emporium, without the hassles of the press or well meaning fans.

Ask any professional make up artist or hair stylist about Nigel's and about the service they provide. Their testimonials are a true reflection of their commitment to provide the best customer service possible, whether you are a well known Hollywood celebrity or just feeling like “one” in our Emporium. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. We aim to make you beautiful!