Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Makeup Artist Agencies

Makeup Artist Agencies
Aartlondon (LDN)
Affinity (LA-SF-CHI-NY)
Agency Celebrity Artist (LA-Dallas)
Agency Gerard Management (MIA-NY)

Aim Artists (LA-NY)
Airport Agency (PAR)

All Crew Agency (Burbank-London)
Art + Commerce (NY-PAR)
Art Department (NY-PAR-MILN)
Art List (NY-PAR)

Artmix Beauty (LA-NY)
The Artist Group  (AU) 
Artists United (LA-SF)
Artistic Cube (NY)
Artistic Licence (LDN)
Artists by Next (NY-LA)

Artist Services (WEHO)
ARTISTS by Timothy Priano (LA-NY-MIA-CHI-INTL)

Atelier Management (LA-NY)
B Agency (NY-PAR)
BA Reps (NY)
Beauty and Photo (NY)
BeautyWing (NY)
Blink (Denmark)
Blue Issue (Dallas)
Bryan Bantry (NY)
Cape London (LDN)
Calliste Agency (PAR)
The Campbell Agency (Dallas)
Carol Hayes Management (LDN)
Celestine Agency (Santa Monica)
Cloutier Remix (CA)
Community NYC (NY)
Company 1  (AU)
Creative Management (NY)
Creative Beaute Agency (Minneapolis) 
Current Studio  (LA-NY-PAR)
De Facto, Inc. (NY)
D + V Management (NY-LDN)
Emma Davies (LDN)
Ennis Inc.  (NY-Boston-CA)
Epiphany (LA-MIA-NY)
Era Management (LDN)

Exclusive Artists Management (LA-NY)
Ford Artists (NY-CHI-MIA-TOR-SF-MIL)
Frank Agency (LDN)
Frank Reps (CA)
IA Agency (Dallas)
Intro Artists (NY-LA-Miami)
Illusions Management (NY)
J Artist Management Formerly Caliente Beauty (LA)
Jed Root (NY-LA-PAR-LDN-Tokyo)
Joe Management (NY)
Joy Goodman (LDN)
Judy Casey (NY)
Judy Inc. (Montreal - Toronto - Vancouver)
Julian Watson (LDN)
Jump Management (NY)
Karlee Artist Management (LA)
Kasteel + Agent (Barcelona)
Kate Ryan, Inc. (NY)
Ken Barboza (NY)
Kess Agency (NY)
Kramer + Kramer (NY)
L Artists Agency (NY-Milan)
Lizard Management  (AU)
Liz Bell Agency  (Canada)
Lily Artists (NY-Miami-Chicago-San Fran-LA-Las Vegas-Boston)
Look Artists Agency (NY-LA-San Fran-Chicago-Seattle)
Look Production  (AU-India-Singapore-Hong Kong-China)
Loox Agency (Germany)
Luna Llena Management (NY)
MACS/Amax (Nashville, TN)
Magnet (NY-LA-UK)
The Magnet Agency (NY-LA-UK)
Management + Artists (NY-Paris-Milan)
Mandy Coakley (LDN)
Marek and Associates (NY)
Mark Edward, Inc. (NY)
MeMeMeReps (Beverly Hills)
Motif Management (Barcelona)
My-Management (LDN)
Names Agency  (AU)
The Nest Agency  (AU)
Network Agency (AU)
On Set Management (Dallas)
One Makeup (LDN)
OPUS Beauty (LA-NY)
Page One Management (Toronto)
Plutino Group (Toronto)
Premier Hair and Makeup (London)
Pure Management (NY)
Reload Agency  (AU-New Zealand)
The Rex Agency (LA)
Rouge Artists (CA)
Sarah Laird + Good Company (NY)
Seaminx (Dallas)
See Management (NY)
Soho Management (LDN)
Spectacular Studios (Sweden)
Stilista Agency (NY)
Streeters (NY-LDN)
Susan Price, Inc. (NY)
Talents (Madrid)
Team (NY-MA)
T.H.E Artist Agency (DC)
They Rep (Canada)
Tim Howard Management (NY)
TNT Agency (Chino Hills)
Tracey Mattingly (LA)
TRON Management (Tokyo)
TSD Agency (LA)
Urban Siren (LA)
Vendrame  (AU)
Viviens Creative  (AU)
The Wall Group (NY-LA)
Workgroup Ltd. (NY-LA-San Fran-Paris)
WT Management (NY)
Zenobia (NY-LA-SF-Chicago-Miami)
2c Management  (AU)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Airbrush Makeup Emergency Repair and Supplies

There are times throughout your career where your airbrush will need some TLC and for some reason it tends to happen when you are A. The busiest or B. Have a huge career opportunity. There is no worse feeling than having a busy week scheduled and a damaged airbrush gun. I consider myself a Google master and even with all my Googling skills I had a hard time finding a place to service my airbrush system.

Luckily for me, that all changed when I needed to replace an airbrush needle for my Iwata Ninja. I went to Nigel's first and they didn't have the correct needle, then I went over to Frend's and the same outcome. They both carried Iwata needles but that day they did not have the needle that I needed. Fortunately I had a great employee at Frend's help me out and she suggested I check out Carter Sexton's Art Materials only 20ft. away. I had been to Frend's plenty of times before but I had never walked to the next block to check out Carter's, quite honestly I don't think I had ever noticed it before.

They have an entire section for airbrush supplies and specialize in brands like Iwata, Paasche, and they carry airbrush makeup supplies for the guns/compressors (they don't sell foundation etc.) Additionally they offer airbrush painting classes from time to time which can support you in understanding airbrush better, after all the face is your canvas. The best part is that they have an airbrush specialist that can repair your airbrush gun in a few minutes. I had mine repaired a few months ago and I was only charged for the parts, which was only like $20 for the needle and a new nozzle I think. So if you are ever having an airbrush emergency make sure to visit Carter Sexton Art Materials in North Hollywood.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Setiquette:Taking Behind the Scenes Photos

We all love using Instagram and Facebook to share with the world what project we are working on and who doesn't love sharing live behind the scenes photos? I know we're all addicted but as a Makeup Artist #BTS could be your last hashtag as part of that creative team. 

So let me get into the BTS etiquette, there are times it may be acceptable and other times it will not be. 

  • It is never ever ever ok to post BTS photos when a campaign or editorial is being launched especially if it is a large client. Many companies can lose large amounts of money and may blacklist you from any future projects. The whole point of a campaign or editorial is to have fresh eyes see it all at once.
  • The first time you shoot with a photographer you definitely want to ask what their policy is and respect it. Don't argue, don't try to convince, simply respect it. I know many photographers that enforce strict no cell phone policy.
  • When models are agency represented everything gets approved by their agency, some have strict no camera phone images. Their image is their career and they cannot afford to risk their contract. 
  • On that same note don't take "before" or unflattering images of models if it is seen by their potential clients you can cost them future jobs. The only exception is if the model gives permission.
  • Stylist may also sign contracts with designers that clothes will only be  photographed by the photographer.
  • When working with celebrities you have to understand that they are constantly being hounded by paparazzi and for the most part they appreciate your discrepancy more than even your talent. The makeup artist that work consistently with celebrities are those that treat them like their fellow human being. I've heard of phones being confiscated for big name shoots like Lady Gaga or Beyonce. 

The golden rule is simply to ask and establish what the policy is by everyone involved on set. Of course you also have the opposite where photographers or models are begging you to take BTS photo or video. It varies situation to situation but always be tactful, even if you have permission to take photos never use flash, distract the talent, or get in the way of the photographer. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Free Blank MAC Makeup Chart

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tools of the Trade: Fashion Week

No matter what your style is as a Makeup Artist, there is a semi annual event all over the world that has a ripple effect on the beauty industry - Fashion Week. It is the holy grail of fashion, beauty, and pop culture. Fashion Week is held all over the world but the four fashion capitals of the world are Paris, New York, Milan, and London.  There are also other cities that are important such as: Bangalore, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Dubai, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, Sao Paulo, Shangai, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto.

Why is Fashion Week important to you as a Makeup Artist? Just like fashion, trends in makeup are constantly changing from colors to products to brands. Designers all over the world use the best in the beauty industry. Companies like RevlonMaybellineMAC, NARS, and the best freelance MUA's in the industry are behind the scenes creating the face of the collection. Many of these companies use this platform to release new products, give away special edition colors, and release BTS tutorials. Makeup can make or break a designer collection, a photo shoot look, or your favorite clients look. So it's essential to know what's in and what's out, on every face you work on.

Badgley Mischka AW 2013 Makeup by MAC
Fashion Week is obviously also an amazing opportunity to work or even assist an expert MUA. Most jobs are taken by the bigger cosmetic companies that I previously stated but there are also designers that seek freelance MUA's. Often times designers work with MUA's throughout the year on photo shoots or other events and have a list of go to artist. Sometimes I have seen ads for artist via Craigslist or Facebook asking friends to recommend artist. If there is a designer you're interested in working with make sure to be connected to their work. Make sure to "Like" them on FB, follow their social media accounts, check out their website, attend events if possible, connect with their staff, and models to stay up to date. When fashion week comes to your city ALWAYS have your kit ready. Designers have alot at stake and they only get two opportunities a year to show the world their work. A fashion show is not complete without makeup and hair. Often times a MUA will call out sick, have an emergency, or just not show up. A designers team will go to the end of the world to ensure a MUA is present. This creates the opportunity for a last minute MUA to be added to the behind the scenes team. So always make sure your kit is ready to go and answer unknown numbers especially this week.

The biggest opportunity for a makeup artist during fashion week is all the networking events. You can run into anyone from designers, models, creative directors, celebrities, editors, and the list can go on and on. The biggest events are obviously the actual shows but they aren't always the easiest events to get into. Often times social events even out the playing field. Most fashion weeks have their own websites, facebook pages, and other social media outlets so you can find out the who, what, when and how of these events. At minimum go out to the most popular bars, lounges, and restaurants this week. You never know who might be a few feet away from you.

Fashion Week Cities & Dates


Spring 2014:
Sept. 13-17th

Runway & Galleries Oct. 11-18th, 2013
Market Showroom Oct. 13-16th, 2013


Spring 2014:
Sept. 18-23rd

New York:

Spring 2014:

Sept. 5-12th, 2013


Spring 2014:

Sept. 24th-Oct.2nd, 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013

My Secret Weapon:The Library

I was fortunate to be brought up in a home where books were cherished. In my home we always had bookshelves full of our favorite books and visiting our local libraries was a common family outing. My favorite library of them all was the DTLA Central Library and it continues to be my favorite place in all of Los Angeles. 

When I started out as a MUA there weren't so many resources available online, there wasn't YouTube beauty gurus or easy to follow pictorials on Pinterest. I loved reading Makeup books and continue to collect them as the years go by. Although we now have so many amazing resources online, the library continues to be a once a month stomping ground for me that allows me to grow as a Makeup Artist.

The beauty of the architecture alone is enough to inspire me, but inside are some of the best makeup and beauty books I've ever read. No matter where you live there will be a local library in which you can borrow books, dvd's and audio books on makeup, beauty, and marketing. The best part? It's all free as long as you return your items on time. My library in particular has a few rows of beauty books from Allure to Bobbi Brown and even career guides from the amazing Crystal Wright. So take advantage of this great resource you have available to advance your career, you may be surprised at what doors the library can open for your career.


by Kevyn Aucoin
I credit my entire Makeup career to Kevyn Aucoin's Making FacesI first came across this book when I was in 7th grade, before this book I had no idea what was possible with makeup other than the commonly seen beauty makeup on TV. This book takes you through some of the most iconic makeovers on celebrities. I fell in love with makeup when I saw his transformation of Gwyneth Paltrow into James Dean. I just couldn't believe it was created with makeup. These books are MUST have for any MUA. Kevyn Aucoin is a legendary makeup artist and his story is so inspirational, he really came from nothing to doing makeup on Cher, Mary J, Madonna and so many more.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, B.B. Living Beauty, B.B. Beauty: The Ultimate Beauty Resource Book
by Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown books are good to pick up at the library or buy used online they are good books for MUA's that are starting out. She goes over color theory and has really great photography in all her books.

The Professional Make-Up Artist: Motion Pictures, Television, Print, Theatre
by Joe Blasco & Vicent J-R Kehoe

This is the textbook used at the Joe Blasco school of Makeup for the curriculum. I was able to purchase mine a few years ago through Naimie's beauty supply at The Makeup Show here in LA for $75 or $80 it's an incredible buy and definitely another MUST have for your book collection, its's currently $99 at Naimies which is a steal! Joe Blasco & Vincent Kehoe are legendary MUA, if you don't know who they are google them. They are part of the people who paved the way for us to be MUA's today.

Here's a list of makeup books that could help you: