Tuesday, June 2, 2015

MUA: Most Commonly Asked Questions

One of the most common fears of new makeup artist, is 

"What questions will my clients ask me?"

And How do I answer them?

1. How long have you been doing makeup?
      Honesty is the best policy, don't lie about your experience or feel embarrassed for not           having years under your belt. Have pride for your passion, experience, and the fact that         you are pursuing your dreams. Every makeup artist starts somewhere, share how long         you have been doing makeup, what you have accomplished ( 2 weddings, 8 week                 makeup course, 1 fashion show etc.) and why you love doing makeup.

2. Have you worked on any celebrities? If you have who       are they?
      Again honesty is the best policy, be honest and do not plagiarize the work of another             artist. Don't say you did makeup on a Kardashian last week, if you didn't. If you assisted       on a celebrity shoot or job state that you assisted, never take credit for someone else's         work. Even if you think that they will never find out, integrity in this industry matters.               Additionally if you signed a non disclosure contract that prohibited you from stating that         you provided services to this celebrity or speaking of this celebrities' behavior abide by         your contract, and do not disclose any information.

3. Are you self taught or did you go to makeup school?
      People like to know how you learned makeup, so feel free to share with them what your       journey has been. Have you always played with makeup? Did you learn by attending a         school, or have you gotten your hands on every face you can get ahold of? If you have         been certified share your certification, techniques you learned, and what influences you         as a makeup artist?

4. What are your makeup rates?
      Research makeup rates in your area, feel free to email other makeup artist and ask               them what they are charging? Get as much detail as possible for all inquiries. Ask how         many people will have their makeup done? How long you are expected to be there? Will       you stay for touch ups? and more. Figure out how much you will spend to get this job           done, your products, wear and tear on brushes, gas money, etc.

5. What products do you carry in your kit?
      People want to know what they are paying for, they want to know if you carry high end           products, products they might be allergic to, and some people want only use organic or         cruelty free or vegan products. Be honest and share what products you use. This                   question is easier to answer if you take the time to educate yourself about your                     products. So learn everything you can about the products you carry from ingredients to         possible reactions.

6. Could I see your work?
      Of course people want to see your makeup work before hiring you. The most                         professional thing is to have a website. It provides a level of professionalism that                   Instagram or Facebook doesn't. Again, do not plagiarize work, if you use work from               another artist, there are so many ways for them to find out. Not to mention you might not       be able to recreate their technique. It's always best to use your own work.

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