Friday, May 29, 2015

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Enrolling in Makeup School

Why do you want to do makeup?
Do you want to learn makeup application for yourself, as a hobby, or as a business?

What kind of makeup artist do you want to be?

Do you want to do makeup for bridal? For Television? For Events?

Do you want to work in a salon?

Do you want to teach makeup?

What's the most important quality a school has to offer you, is it reputation, price, convenience, and/or flexibility?

Do you have support from family and friends?

Do you have transportation to get to school and events?

If you have children do you have a reliable babysitter?

Do you have money saved to attend school and work for trade while building your portfolio?

What are you willing to do to succeed as a makeup artist?

How much income do you want to make as a makeup artist?

These are just a few things to ask yourself before signing up for makeup school. You want to set yourself up to win, so make sure to get your personal life arranged so that you have the best makeup school experience. This is not just a hobby this is your career and your education can be a great cornerstone for your future.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Stephanie Flor + The Powder Group Around The World Beauty Seminar NYC

Stephanie Flor's Around the World Beauty project and blog reveals beauty methods and techniques that are practiced in different cultures around the world. Her website introduces readers to international beauty rituals and traditions that she has discovered during her ATW travels - literally around the world. Her mission is to keep beauty heritage alive, and share secrets told by ancestors and grandparents from cultures as far reaching as Tanzia and India to Costa Rica and Peru. 

Now, in a special event series produced by Michael DeVellis and The Powder Group, Stephanie will bring a selection of these cultural references to modern beauty showcasing the influence of various cultures on modern beauty makeup.

In the Around The World Beauty Seminars, Stephanie will create red-carpet ready beauty looks inspired by our history lesson of trends, while discussing common concerns for women of a wide range of cultures that include everything from foundation matching, skin issues, making makeup last in different weather conditions and creating authentic beauty.

Register for Around The World Beauty by clicking here! 

ATW Beauty: Asian Influence
Wednesday, June 3, 6:00-8:00 pm
Join Stephanie as she returns this month from a whirlwind trip through Asia bringing to this program a very special take on the culture of Japanese and Korean beauty. Both cultures being such pioneers in products, heritage and unique beauty fixes, this program is sure to be a must-experience! Stephanie will discuss some of the everyday beauty rituals, and traditions that have centered Asia as the leader in skin and beauty through the years and will incorporate their beauty secrets and makeup technique to this final event in this one-of-a-kind series!

All Around The World Beauty events will be held at: 
Inglot Studio
Chelsea Market
75 9th Avenue, 5th Floor
New York, NY

Fee: Other programs will be $45.00 for TPG Pro members. $65.00 for non-members.

Visit and share our online event page by clicking here. 
Register for Around The World Beauty by clicking here!

About Stephanie Flor

Celebrity makeup artist Stephanie Flor, has been featured on Glamour magazine, Redbook, NBC, Latina, Cosmo for Latinas, and eHow. Flor's expertise in multicultural beauty has made her a go-to ambassador for cosmetic and hair care brands, such as Head and Shoulders, Makeup Forever, L'Oreal Paris, La Bella, Thicker Fuller Hair, and Maybelline. Stephanie's makeup artist website and also that I'm represented by Cloutier Remix

About the Around the World Beauty Blog
Around the World Beauty, is a beauty blog about rituals and traditions practiced in different cultures by women all over the world. From Cleopatra's milk baths to India's 5,000 year old Ayurvedic system, there are countless beauty regimens that have existed from the beginning of time.

Photo credits:
Above: photo-quad images by Jason Setiawan and Marley Kate.
Below: collage images by Stephanie Flor 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Beauty in All Eyes Workshop with David Hernandez

One of my favorite makeup artist educators, David Hernandez is at it again. He's going to be sharing his techniques for beautiful eye makeup on your clients at Nigel's Beauty Emporium. This workshop will teach you several different techniques to please your client in all realms of eye makeup. Understand the different shapes of the eyes and how to enhance and dramatically change them. From natural beauty, editorial, fashion and avant garde, learn the magic of using different lashes and tools. You will not be disappointed as Nigel Beauty Pro Educator David Hernandez opens your eyes to the beauty in everything in this 3 hour workshop.



Cancellations must be made 48 hrs. in advance. Absolutely no refunds afterwards. Please arrive early, street parking only Must present your workshop receipt for the workshop & to redeem products. To sign up click here.

Facebook Groups for Professional Makeup Artist

Facebook groups are great to network, you may already be a part of a few makeup groups. I rounded up the best professional makeup groups on Facebook that are created by some of the most beloved leaders, educators, and peers in our industry. Before joining make sure to read each groups' set of rules FIRST, participate by asking questions or giving your best advice. Be tactful, respectful and REALLY take a second to think before you post. Don't forget to spell and grammar check! 

Michael DeVellis of the Powder Group created the  group "So You Want To Be A Makeup Artist..."

Welcome to So You Want To Be A Makeup Artist...
"We are a pro-focused, positive and welcoming group of makeup artists, business leaders and those looking to develop their career in makeup and beauty. This is a place to share and ask about product, technique, artistry and career. This is a place for engagement and community. No one here will reprimand you if you ask a question that has been asked before. No one here will allow negativity and criticism - not from our members and certainly not our administrators. We welcome dialogue and debate that encourages open communication without aggressiveness or unapologetic self-promotion. We are here for you - not ourselves. Brought to you by The Powder Group and our industry partners."

I love this group because there is a great mixture of professional industry makeup artist, beginning makeup artist and everyone in between. There is a positive vibe in this group and it's so nice to see makeup artist happy to mentor other makeup artist. There is never drama, bullying, or heckling of any members. The focus is on the work and what it takes to be a professional makeup artist. This FB group gives you a good preview of what it's like to be a member of the Powder Group and the benefits that are available to you as a member.

Glossible & Glossible PRO

Chicago's Sonia Roselli is giving you industry insight with no censors. She's all business, straight forward, and focuses on true makeup artistry. She launched her blog Glossible to help bring back classic makeup artist values and education. Her blog is one of my personal favorites. Join her Glossible group on Facebook or her Glossible Pro group if you are a professional

Glossible: A forum where professional makeup artists recommend professional products, trends to consumers and other pros. 

Glossible PRO:
This is a group for working professional makeup artists. You MUST have a www. website to join or an official IMDB page.

***If we can't see your pro website in your about page on Facebook, we don't let you 

After requesting to join, please make sure to check your "other" inbox in case we are trying to reach you with any questions. 

Thanks for understanding! "

In My Kit

The infamous Kevin James Bennett has a website In My Kit this website has reviews on cosmetic products for beauty professionals. He created the FB group "In My Kit" to create a social conversation where beauty professionals and enthusiast can ask questions and give tips or advice. He's at  over 25,000 group members, want to know why? Click here to join

The IN MY KIT® Group's focus is sharing product knowledge, application techniques, education, industry news, and interesting cosmetic facts.

This is a PUBLIC Group for Professionals AND Consumers - DO NOT discuss business procedures, contracts, rates or client issues.

We've all worked hard to build this community, please respect the following policies, rules and guidelines when participating in this group. "

Mee Inc Industry Workshops

The beautiful Donna Mee has over 33 years in the beauty industry. She's an entrepreneur, and launched her makeup academy in 1997. Her students are notorious for working in the industry and standing out. Join her FB group here.

While teaching in the third world countries of Bali, Indonesia and Johannesburg South Africa, in mid 2014, Donna was approached by several individuals that traveled far just to meet her. They told her that they truly aspired to become makeup artists but that they could not afford to take courses or training anywhere so they would never realize their dream of doing makeup and making a living as an artist. This weighed very heavily on Donna's heart. Before she left Bali, she had a vision... to break up her 4 - 20 week intensive training courses into much smaller segments of just 1 - 10 days. This allows more individuals to get started in the industry and ideally allows more aspiring artists to follow their dream career. "

World Wide Alliance of Makeup Artist

WAMA created by Celebrity Makeup Artist and Educator Sandra Hamill is also a large group with over 10,000 members. SANDRA HAMILL' in makeup artistry took and unusual but incredible path, one long envied and respected by even the best in the industry.

Twenty years ago Sandra went to school to learn her craft and graduated at the top of her class from a CIDESCO certified program, which holds the highest standard of beauty education in the world. 

Six months after graduating, she was working at the House of Commons in Ottawa as an in house makeup artist and her school had her in as a guest speaker for new and upcoming artists and her career was on its way. 4 years later she moved to Toronto and went to work for Queens Park. Before long she was doing the makeup of every notable politician and dignitary including Her Madgestys QE 11 appointed Governer General of Canada and the Dept of National Defence .

Finding her niche in civil service was exactly where Sandra felt she belonged. Sandra was well respected, trusted and called upon, often times at a moments notice, and she was there.

Sandra even has clearance to do the President of the United States and was originally invited to the roster under the Clinton administration. In fact, she has done the makeup of over 750 political figures!

She has also worked with an incredible number of celebrities and has been a favorite artist of famed photographer The Hon Al Gilbert, who didnt work with makeup artists until he met her. She is honored to have had her picture taken by Al Gilbert MASTER PHOTOGRAPHER-ORDER OF CANADA as well.

She considers it a pleasure and an honor to serve in this way and respects the position she is in saying, "When you are four inches away from a politician,diplomat or an Oscar winning director's face, you really need to know how to work and keep a good rapport with them." She says she rarely finds anyone difficult, maybe demanding, but not difficult.

All that being said her proudest achievement is being the creator and founder of the Worldwide Alliance of Makeup Artists. She created WAMA in an effort to help promote and network makeup artists all over the globe, assisting them in job placement, helping them perfect their craft, promoting them as well as the profession and so much more.


Friday, May 22, 2015

About Face NYC by Nicky Posley

Fascinated by the transformative power of beauty art and fashion, Nicky Posley began his career in makeup. With 16 years in the industry, Posley believes that makeup is art and empowerment, with the ability to transform the spirit. 

See his work here:
Instagram: @nickyposley

The $99 is to reserve your seat, and is (Non - Refundable) The remaining balance of $125 is due day of the class, upon arrival (cash only)  Total investment is $225. Space is limited for the New York class. 
Time: 10a.m. -1p.m.  (doors wil open at 9:15 a.m. for check in)
Location: to be announced
Thank you for your interest and support! Beauty and makeup are two of my greatest passions! I believe that makeup is art and empowerment. It can transform the spirit. If you love makeup and the power of transformation, this is for you! Join me as I share my passion and all that I have learned to take your artistry to the next level!! Just bring your positive energy, a pen and paper. Let's go NYC!
About Face is a full  makeup demonstration class w/Q&A that will focus on techniques, tips and tricks that will translate into more polished/impactful work in the worlds of beauty, fashion, editorial and celebrity.
Topics covered: 
Selecting the right foundation shades
Bulletproofing your makeup for more long-lasting results
Using creams and powders to sculpt and highlight the features for a seamless and elegant finish
Creating the perfect brow to frame and bring balance to a client’s features
Placing/blending eyeshadow to perfection
Applying and customizing false lashes
Finishing details that will set you apart from the rest
Using social media to build and introduce your brand and much more.
Photographs are more than welcomed, but there will be no video-taping allowed during the demonstration. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Sign up here

                   ************* (NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS)*******************

Thursday, May 21, 2015

10 Makeup Artist to Follow on Instagram

Between YouTube Makeup Gurus, Beauty Enthusiast, and flawless faces it can be hard to figure out who to follow on Instagram. If your looking to follow professional, industry working makeup artist here are 10 of my favorite, in no particular order. I will definitely continue to create this list, there are so many other great MUAs not mentioned, enjoy!

1. @THEVALGARLAND Makeup Artist Legend - Educator - The Queen of Brushes

2. @LOTSTAR Makeup Artist - Former Assistant to Pat McGrath

3. @PATMCGRATHREAL Living makeup icon - Global Creative Director for P&G - Legend

4. @TOMPECHEUX Creative Director of Estée Lauder and Master Makeup Artist

5. @ISAMAYAFFRENCH Makeup Artist - Editorial - Beauty Editor

6. @LAPETITEVENGEANCE Montreal based Marika D'Auteuil is an internationally published Makeup Artist

7. @DSIMROCK Donald Simrock - Celebrity Makeup Artist - Creative Director VVV Magazine - Educator - Editorial Master 

8. @MANTHONY783 Michael Anthony Makeup - If you've seen great editorial makeup lately, chances are it was created by Michael

9. @LISAELDRIDGEMAKEUP Lisa Eldridge - International Makeup Artist - Educator

10. @SJBLIFE Sir John - L'Oreal Paris Brand Ambassador - Beyonce's MUA - Educator

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How to Get a MAC Pro Student Discount

MAC not only offers a professional discount program for working artist but also for student makeup artist. The student makeup artist discount program includes:

  •  20% off all MAC products
  • Ability to attend Master Classes
  • Ability to attend Pro Events & Networking opportunities
  • Exclusive Student Makeup Kits
  • Access to password-protected website

It is ONLY open to students attending a school or institution of Makeup Artistry, Aesthetics, or Performing Arts. First check if your school is on the list of MAC approved institutions. If it is not, talk to your instructor to apply. I've included what the requirements are and how to go about becoming eligible. Once your school is eligible download the application at the bottom of this post, fill it out and mail to MAC offices for approval.

Make sure to read the application thoroughly and send the correct forms. Your application can be rejected for something as simple as incomplete applications, or sending incorrect proof. Don't stress if your application gets rejected, you can always reapply. It can take a few weeks to hear back from MAC, you should get an email inviting you to set up your account on


Only schools of Makeup Artistry, Aesthetics and the Performing Arts will be eligible to participate in the M·A·C PRO Student Program.

To become an eligible school we need to review the course(s) that are offered at your school. 

Send to us: 
        1. Contact information from your school (name and position, address, phone, email,                   website)             
           * School Owner, Head Instructor, Program Directors or Program Administrators 
        2. The curriculum/syllabus for each course (if sending email, please send as an                         attachment) 
        3. The average class size (per course) 
        4. The total student enrollment per year 
        5. The duration of course(s) 
        6. Type of Certification issued (Certificate or Diploma) 

Please forward all information by email to or by mail to: 

M·A·C Cosmetics - M·A·C PRO Student Program 
360 Adelaide St. W. # 301 
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1R7

Allow 4-6 weeks for your eligibility request to be processed.

Eligible Student Schools
To find a school that participates in the MAC PRO Student Program, visit this link and check if your school is eligible.

How to Enroll in the MAC Pro Student Program

For applicants in the United States and Canada, please download the application below.

To enroll provide:

A Completed M·A·C PRO Student Application
Select only one option under the Eligible Institutions section.

Proof of Enrolment in your School and Course:
First click here to see if your school is on our eligible list. Proof of student enrollment must be included with the application and membership fee. An example of proof of enrollment includes a receipt/confirmation of class/program payment, a confirmation of class schedule or letter on school letterhead. Proof of enrollment must be current and indicate your name, the name of the program you are enrolled in and the start and end date of your program. M·A·C Pro Student reserves the right to require additional documentation at any time. All identification will be destroyed after processing and will not be returned. M·A·C Pro Student reserves the right to reject the application for any reason.
12 Month Membership Fee:
  $15 U.S. / $15 CAD payable by check, money order or credit card. 

You can send it directly to the processing department at:

PO Box 435
3219 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario 
M4N 3S1


2316 Delaware Ave.
PO Box 289
Buffalo, NY 

Dowload the MAC Pro Student Application Here

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

UK Special Event Makeup w/ Erica Carr & KJ Bennett

I'm excited to finally share some UK education, Erica Carr and Emmy Award Winning Kevin James Bennett  (Check out my post about Kevin) are going on The UK Tour. They will be sharing their personal techniques on hair and makeup that has brought their careers so much success. Take your career to the next level, or begin your career with the techniques that will set you apart from everyone else. Email me for dates, pricing and location, TBA. Can't wait for the tour? For tips now, check out their website and blog The Working Artist Company.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Liability Insurance for Makeup Artist

We all hear about blending, what makeup brushes to use, how to market your business, but rarely do we hear about liability insurance. Some of you might have never heard of it or have no idea what insurance has to do with being a makeup artist.

What is liability insurance? Liability insurance is coverage that can protect you from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can arise from your business operations. As a small business owner, you need some form of general liability insurance to safeguard your livelihood. A single accident could result in a lawsuit that you might not be able to handle. A great way to protect against this type of situation is to make sure you carry enough general liability insurance. Some employers, salons, or even wedding venues might also require you to carry a certain amount of general liability insurance before you can work for them.

Having liability insurance enhances your professional reputation, protects you while you earn a living and gives peace of mind to both you and your clients. Insurance protection is a crucial part of your practice that shields you from claims that can leave you vulnerable to a lawsuit. 

So where can you find general liability insurance? I know many makeup artist that have used Hands on Trade Insurance. They are established 2000 and their president has over 30yrs of educating in the massage industry. They specialize in providing insurance to massage therapist, cosmetologist, estheticians, yoga, energy workers, nail technicians and more. For $155/yr you can be covered up to 2 million dollars for malpractice, slip and fall, product liability, and 100K in premises insurance coverage. If you are a student it is only $75/year and you get a free upgrade once you are a licensed professional. I like this company because it's created especially for hands on services like ours.

If you already have insurance with Progressive, they also sell general liability insurance for businesses and contractors. Try asking your insurance carrier if they offer general liability insurance for contractors? 

Click here to see my full list of mua insurance providers

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Industry Publications

The Artisan is the official quarterly publication of the Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild, IATSE Local 706. This exclusive craft publication is not available on newsstands and is not for the general public. 2,500 copies are printed each quarter and are mailed directly to every single guild member, with bonus distribution to various entertainment and beauty industry personnel. The recipients ofThe Artisan represent the working union Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists in film, television, commercials, theater, videotape, digital media and theme parks. These creative artists determine what make-up and hair products and services will be used on a production for all actors, actresses and special character effects, and in turn, influence millions of consumers with their choices.

Fangoria is an internationally distributed US film fan magazine specializing in the genres of horror, slasher, splatter, and exploitation films, in regular publication since 1979.

Key Publishing Group is your portal to the make-up industry. The company was founded by Emmy Award-winning make-up artist Michael Key to educate, connect and inspire artists and make-up lovers around the world. Here’s how our small, dedicated staff makes that happen:


Key started Make-Up Artist magazine in 1996 as a simple flier called Craft News; since then, it has become the make-up community’s top resource for innovative make-up techniques and the latest industry news and trends. Read in more than 70 countries, Make-Up Artist is a bimonthly source for pros and aspiring artists working in film, fashion, TV, theater, retail and beyond. But the helpful tips, inspiring images and insider information have been a big hit with the public, too. We reach generations of artists around the world through the pages of our magazine and our interactive tablet edition. An in-development online edition of the magazine will provide another way for us to reach artists.


The International Make-Up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) is the make-up world’s biggest gathering. Thousands of make-up artists, vendors and enthusiasts discuss, display and collect the best the industry has to offer. Guests come from around the world to meet other professionals, learn new techniques and get updates on the latest products. Industry leaders (including Oscar and Emmy winners) conduct classes and demos at IMATS, and new products debut there. Before IMATS, there were no trade shows specifically for make-up artists, although the demand was there. IMATS made its 1997 debut in Los Angeles; today, the show is held six times annually: in Los; New York City; London; Vancouver, B.C.; Sydney; and Toronto.


Our digital reach far exceeds our print and tablet editions: We have hundreds of thousands of social-network followers—a number that’s growing daily. With four websites and a social media presence on the major channels, it’s easier than ever for make-up artists—aspiring and professional—to find us. Our websites provide valuable, exclusive content. features breaking industry news, a database of international make-up schools and the Make-Up Artist store, which stocks issues ofMake-Up Artist magazine, exclusive apparel and more. is famous for its Beauty Breakdowns, which reveal what products artists used to create celebrity looks; the site also offers a cosmetics database and advice from industry experts. gives IMATS show-goers all the information they need on all our events, from buying tickets to previewing classes.


Key Publishing Group is based in Vancouver, Wash., just miles from Portland, Ore. Our small staff thrives on challenges and working with the make-up artist community to provide resources and inspiration. With backgrounds in TV and film production, magazine journalism and make-up artistry, we know how to wear the various hats needed to get the magazine, IMATS and digital messages to you. To see our office, visit
- See more at:

Created by Michael DeVellisOn Makeup Magazine and is pleased to give the makeup industry a unique and artist-driven way of connecting to each other, whether they are experienced professionals, new artists, brands, educators, or even those who simply share our passion for the art of makeup.
On Makeup Magazine and is the first publication and website of its type – bringing together pro-driven, art-inspired, broad interest content into a hybrid trade magazine and website that respects and responds equally to the art of the makeup industry as well as product and technique. Our team have a unique perspective and history in our industry and bring that experience and passion for the artistry behind the artist to every issue through our content, design and art direction.
Every feature and item in On Makeup Magazine and is developed from the pro point-of-view. In unique ways we speak to the broadest possible cross-section of the industry – from beauty and bridal artists to film and FX pros – everyone will find something that relates to their craft, career, and business in each page.
Finally, along with the high-design element and easy-to-enjoy format, comes a unique archival quality that remains an ongoing resource across our industry.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Roshar Makeup Workshop in Las Vegas

Pro Makeup Artist Workshop
June 13th10am-6pm

If you don't know who Roshar is, you need to do your homework! Roshar is an international makeup artist, based in both New York and Los Angeles, with work featured in VOGUE, Harpers BAZAAR, ELLE, GLAMOUR, and InStyle magazine, among many other publications.

Originally from a small town in Texas, Roshar left home at the young age of 15, and began doing makeup to pay the rent. He soon developed the skill and unconventional style, that has lead him where he is today. 

Since early childhood Roshar had a fascination with painting and fashion. Immersed in the underground club scene of the late 80s and early 90s, Roshar explored the world of role play and costumes, that further complemented his unusual way of looking at things. 

As a platform artist, Roshar has worked on makeup presentations not only in the U.S but also in Moscow, Ukraine, Philippines, Toronto, Singapore and Japan.

Known for flawless skin and meticulous attention to detail, Roshar's work has become instantly recognizable. Some of his clients include MAKE UP FOR EVER, CoverGirl, Paul Mitchell, L'Oreal, Wella, and YABY Cosmetics. Ok so now that you've been brought up to speed here's the break down for his workshop: 

An intense one day workshop that will focus on Makeup for Photography, Marketing, Branding, and Transformation in Las Vegas

Be ready to open your mind to a new view on makeup and application with Roshar

The first hour will consist of how to market yourself and how to get your work out there to be scene. Along with the ins and outs of the makeup industry that has made Roshar in demand Internationally. The makeup portions will utilize a very unique perspective on makeup that utilizes "thinking outside the box".

Learn how to do a natural yet stunning look that is seen on celebrities, yet strong enough to 'read' under strong photographic lighting

Making skin glow
Understanding Contour
Time management
Flawless skin
Minimizing your kit
Understanding mixing mediums
Reshaping the eye

DEMO 2 – Out-of-the-box Fantasy
Creating a fantasy look that incorporates techniques that can even be used in regular makeup . A fun presentation meant to inspire.
Creating a fantasy look that makes sense
Working with an editorial team
Make your colors true in photographic light
Understanding the Color Wheel
Blocking brows
Creating a "fashion " lip
How to deal with creative blocks
and so much more..........................

Hands on Workshop

Utilizing what you have learned, you will create a look under Roshar's guidance. A sure way to engrain all the tips and tricks learned within the day!

Guess how much the workshop is? ONLY $250!! I'm looking into attending, since I'll be in Vegas that weekend anyways. Who else is going?

Click here to sign up