Thursday, October 31, 2013

FREE Online Make Up For Ever Class

I was informed that MUFE offered a FREE online course on how to do makeup inspired by the 1920's. I thought it was a gimmick but it wasn't and I left the class with a few great tips. The class is held on a website called Skillshare which allows people and businesses to create classes that can be offered both free or paid. You do however have to create an account and it can be created using your email account or by linking it to Facebook or Twitter. The best part is that you are able to upload your "project" or homework from the class which is a great way to get feedback on your technique. 

The class was given by "JESSIE POWERS, she is the Managing Educator for North America. A veteran of MAKE UP FOR EVER since 2000, Jessie Powers brings her passion for artistry and transformation to her work.  Drawing inspiration from atmosphere, art direction and music, she loves to play with color and texture and enjoys blurring the lines between traditional and avant-garde takes on beauty.  Jessie’s make up philosophy is simple: “Do what makes you happy and keep your mind open to all possibilities. If you want to wear red glitter at age 80 – you should. Make up is transformative and powerful but it can also be frivolous and fun.” 

Jessie Powers
I really enjoyed her demo and the fact that she did it on herself. I know that not many women are comfortable with being makeup free on camera, especially MUAs. I'm used to seeing a demo on a model applied by the MUA. She was straight forward, friendly, and full of great tidbits that are guaranteed to make your life easier.
Here is a Class Overview:
"Learn how you can incorporate beauty from a bygone era into your make up without it looking costume like.  In this course, we’ll teach you how to create a strong smoky eye, defined brows, and apply faux lashes reminiscent of the makeup style from the 1920s.   The look will be completed with a modern lip technique and texture.
In this class you will learn how to:
  • Create a 20s inspired look using a smoky eye variation and sculpted brow
  • Apply and shape faux lashes in a way that will be most flattering to your eye make up
Class Prize!
Our favorite project will win $100 worth of MAKE UP FOR EVER products and be featured on the MAKE UP FOR EVER USA Facebook page with 280k+ followers and to our 90k+ MAKE UP FOR EVER Twitter followers.


List of Suggested Products You'll Need - All Available on Lip:Lab Shine D14 Eyes: Eye Shadows Shadow #35, #122, #79, #4 Kohl Pencil 1K Star Powder #942 Eye Prime Aqua Brow Aqua Smoky Lash mascara Eyelashes Complexion: Sculpting blush #8 Star Powder #940 Star Powder #942"

Makeup Artist Marketing Tools

Business Cards
This is probably the easiest marketing tool to attain especially with all the companies that offer printing services. You can order business cards using Vistaprint,, 123prints, or Overnight Prints. I know some business Costco's centers offer business card printing as well. Make sure to list:

-Phone Number
-At least 1 image of your work (if you have 1 image)

The back of this card has all the info I listed above

I usually order mine at 1,000 cards at a time I never order more because I am constantly getting new images of work so I like to change up my cards as I get new images. 1,000 may seem like alot but I think of it as a numbers game the more people that have my business card, the more people that could possibly hire me for work. I usually go through 1,000 in a few months I'll explain why below..

Ways That I Use my Business Cards
  • I keep stashes everywhere! I keep cards in every purse I have, in my car, on my desk, in my boyfriends wallet, on the fridge at my families house, in my gym bag, in my makeup kit. There's not a worse feeling than missing an opportunity because you are cardless!
  • Every time I go to a restaurant I chat up the waiter/waitress, leave a decent tip, and leave my business card behind
  • If I see someone who I think is beautiful I will let them know and finish by saying "I would love the opportunity to do your makeup I love (favorite feature) about you"
  • Anytime I have a makeup job I take them to give to the models, photographers, stylist, hairdressers, and other makeup artist
  • I place them in wedding planning books at Barnes & Nobles
  • I send Thank You cards to clients, send my cards, and ask if they would give my card to people as wonderful as themselves. 


On that note although I do carry physical cards I also have a digital business card. I created my design using photoshop. If you do not have photoshop a great online editor is and its completely free. You can edit images, add text, and more. If you are not creatively inclined feel free to email me, reach out on social media, or hire someone using Fiverr. Once I was happy with the design I emailed the front of the card to myself. I opened the email on my iPhone and saved the photo to my camera roll. Now that it is saved in my camera roll I can easily text the image of my business card to anyone in my contact list. I would say 75% of the time that I meet someone I get person's contact info and text them my business card. I love it because A. It is cost effective and B. As long as they keep my message they have my all my contact info in one place. If you need a business card designed both for print or digital don't hesitate to email me for a quote: 

One of the biggest tools you need to have available is a website. I know that the idea of having a website can seem daunting and intimidating if you aren't very tech savvy. Luckily right now there are many websites that make it easy for you to create a low cost website using templates. I've used Wix for my personal website for years. It's always looked professional, I have been using Wix for over 5 years and have never encountered any issues with their service. You can also sign up with carbonmade, squarespace, or hire a freelance web designer using Etsy or Craigslist. You can again email me for a quote I specialize in MUA websites. 

The Importance of a Website
  • It gives you credibility and makes you look professional. I believe a website is a MUST a domain can run as little as $10/year
  • Most decision makers don't have time to find you on Facebook and then find your makeup album and they definitely don't have time to wait on a printed portfolio. 
  • A place for clients to view your work and decide if you are the MUA they are looking for. For example a bride wants to see other brides on your website not the zombies you did last week.
  • If you have good SEO in your website you may be able to land clients simply because they found you on a Google Search

Social Media
I feel as though the amount of success I have had as a Makeup Artist can be sourced from one thing - my social media efforts. I have combined my website with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Model Mayhem and a few other online websites to build my presence online and connect with the people that can open doors for my career. 

I am going to continue to build on social media and write a few detailed post for each platform. For now I will touch the surface, for those of you that don't know I freelance as a social media consultant and a makeup artist. The reason I became so knowledgeable in social media is that I have always represented myself as a makeup artist I have never had an agent or a rep. I had to learn how social media works to level the playing ground for myself as a makeup artist. I really believe that everyday social media plays a bigger role in our lives especially for those of us that freelance. 

I will list a few platforms that I feel are of benefit for you to have as a makeup artist. The most important part of your social media success is consistency. For example I usually post a makeup tip daily on my Facebook page. I've done that for so long that people expect to see my post. You must be committed fully for you to see results. 

Model Mayhem

Along with consistency it is better to be fully engaged on 1 platform that half engaged on 4 platforms. Use social media to build relationships with people do not spam people, whine, or be pushy because you are behind a screen. As big as our industry feels you can quickly be labeled that person that no one wants to work with. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Men's Grooming Kit

As Makeup Artist we tend to focus on females but don't forget about the fellas. Often time for photoshoots or film you will be asked to groom and lightly make up the men. I've worked shoots with just male models so we always need to be prepared.

Men's Grooming Kit Must Haves:

These are just some of the items that you can carry in your kit to ensure your male models are serviced to the best of your ability. Try out different brands to see which you like best. What's in your men's grooming kit?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Model Mayhem

Model Mayhem is one of the original online networking sites for makeup artist, photographers, models, stylist and everyone in between. It's like Facebook for our industry you can keep an online portfolio, post jobs, apply for jobs, network etc. It is a great stepping stone and resource for makeup artist who are starting out.

So let's start off by getting a little bit more into what Model Mayhem is and isn't. It is a website that can be used to network, get work, and an amazing resource for knowledge. When I first started doing makeup this was the door that opened up the opportunity for me to get pictures of people other than my little sister. 

In order to sign up for this website visit once your there click on the sign up hyperlink underneath the login box. Here you'll be asked for basic information like name, email, create a password, birthday etc. Next you will be asked to choose a membership level, start off with a Free account until you get the hang of it. They offer Basic, Premium, and VIP. 

Once you submit all your information Model Mayhem will have to approve your profile based on the information you submitted. I've never heard of anyone being unapproved, when I started I used pictures of makeup I did on my friends and sister. They were shot with a disposable camera and my "models" were not your typical "model type". So don't be intimidated by the "approval" portion of Model Mayhem. 

This was one of my original Model Mayhem submission photos, not very profesh right?

Once you are approved make sure to fill out all you profile information, spell check everything twice, and have someone else read it to get some feedback.  

Features of Model Mayhem
  • Free Online Portfolio featuring 15 images
  • Ability to private message other members ( Basic 5, Premium 30, VIP 100)
  • Access to Model Mayhem forums which are categorized into skills like modeling, makeup, etc. I've learned so much from questions asked in the forum. 
  • Access to Model Mayhem EDU articles which are written by industry leaders
  • Ability to apply for jobs both paid and trade
  • Enter Photo Contest
  • Sign up to be an assistant to a seasoned makeup artist
  • View other Makeup Artist profiles for inspiration
It's a great resource for aspiring and beginning makeup artist the majority of the casting calls are for trade work but sometimes there is also paid work. This profile represents you as a Makeup Artist so make sure everything is written properly, no slang, no politics or religion, nothing unrelated to your craft. Take a peek at some of the other Makeup Artist profiles out there to get an idea on how to portray yourself. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

FREE Online Resources for Makeup Artist

  • 1st Hold Website has a million great resources for MUAs/Stylists/Hair Stylists about starting, maintaining and being successful at your careers: 

  • Make-up 411: beauty breakdowns for celebrities, music videos, characters, shows, etc.. also has info on new products and kit favorites: 

What are some of your favorite resources?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Body Painting Makeup Products

The following list are makeup companies that carry a form of body painting products. Visit their websites to find out more about their products:


also avilable at 

the uk distributor of temptu. 









also available at: 


also available at: 









MAC Pro website: